I hear voices in my head from all around me, Am I nuts?

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    Perhaps I am but I think it’s just the way they are mixing Multi-channel audio. I had hoped Parker would have listed some other Polls I had asked about, but no big! So I figured a discussion thread about vocals in multi-channel would be interesting.

    Now that multi-channel is still in its infancy it might be a help to sound engineers to hear what we think about voices in multi-channel! I must say to begin with that I much prefer the main Vocals in music to come from the Center channel. I have listened to several DTS mixes that place the main vocals in the front L/R but I just don't care for it. All of my speakers are 100% matched so my Center channel is not a weak spot in my theater.

    What is your preference for the center channel vocals?

    The other thing is the back ground vocals in multi-channel music. I for one would rather have the back ground voices in the front L/R channels. I find it quite distracting to all of a sudden to have someone blare out in the surrounds; it just does not set well with me. Although there could be some exceptions as with music like Pink Floyd and others where some interesting surround vocals would be cool!

    As you can tell I like to be in the audience with only slight echoing instrumental ambience in the surrounds. I bought the Blue Man Group DVD-A disc and for the most part love it. I know its a on stage type mix but it seems to work for the most part. There is one part on the instrumental "PVC IV" where a drum sweeps from right to left a crossed the surround and to me it seemed out of place in an other wise beautiful piece. I don't think there is a right or wrong just personal preferences to how this mixing should be done but if we don’t speak our minds now we are at the mixers mercy.

    What’s your thoughts?

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    As an old quad guy from the 70s I LOVE agressive surround mixes! Vocals from the back---bring 'em on! Stuff spinning around the room---I'm in heaven! Classical or live concert albums are another story (there IS an original performance & ambience to emulate), but nothing would be more boring to me than pop studio recordings (which are mostly multi-tracked studio creations anyway) with just ambient surrounds.

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