I have too many receivers/amps, which ones should I keep and which go?

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    Hello all. This is my first post, although I'm hardly new here as I've been lurking for quite some time now. I also posted this in the speaker/sub forum as it also applies equally there as well, so please pardon if this is the second time you've seen this. Need some opinions and feedback please.
    Here is my situation. I've got 4 complete surround sound systems, as well as 2 different 2 channel stereo systems. That's just too many as you can't use but one at the time. So, I'm going to consolidate and do away with at least one of them, if not 2.
    First, let me tell you what I have, and how I have them matched up together. To keep it simple, I'll only list audio equipment, along with DVD players. No TVs, VCR's, etc. All speaker wire and interconnects are Monster, unless otherwise indicated.

    A/V System #1:
    B&K avr101 receiver
    Klipsch ksp c6 center channel speaker
    pair of Klipsch ksp 400 speakers (with built in subs)
    pair of Klipsch ksp s6 surround speakers
    Sony dvd-s7000 dvd player
    All were bought in late '97, except receiver in early '99.

    A/V System #2:
    Harman Kardon 520 receiver
    Harman Kardon dvd player (can't remember model #)
    Infinity interlude IL36c center channel speaker
    Infinity interlude IL50 speakers (w/ built in subs)Infinity interlude IL120 subs (2 of them, yes, I know 4
    total subs in this system is probably a little
    overkill, but I have them all set with Infinity's
    RABOS, room adjustment bass optimization system,
    which really works as advertised)
    Infinity Interlude IL10 speakers for surrounds (I
    have 2 pairs of them in case I eventually add an amp
    to the HK receiver for 7.1, I also have an additional
    pair of IL50s, more on them later, however, I
    could conceivably use them for rear surrounds in this
    system set up for 5.1 and it would virtually be
    almost like biamping every speaker in the system
    since they all would have built in self powered subs,
    except for the center, then this system would have a
    total of 6 subs!)
    All were bought this year, actually, stolen from

    A/V System 3:
    Pioneer Elite dvl 91 dvd/laserdisc player
    Denon 3802 receiver
    Polk CS400i center channel speaker
    Polk RT1000i speakers (w/ very small built in subs)
    Polk f/x300i bipole/dipole surrounds (2 pairs, one on
    side wall, other on back wall)
    Polk RT35i speakers (*note*-in addition to side wall
    surrounds, 3802 allows for hook up of 2 different
    pairs of rear surround speakers, but you can only run
    one pair at the time, you simply switch the receiver's
    rear amp power between them, this way you can have
    the best of both worlds, bipole/dipoles for movies
    and monopoles for music).
    No sub for this system, other than the ones built in
    on the RT1000i's, but they are too small for movies.
    However, I do have options. I could take one of the
    Infinity IL120s from system #2 to use with this one.
    I also have 2 Klipsch KSW300s brand new unopened in
    factory sealed boxes that I've never used yet.

    Except for dvd player, which was bought in early '99,
    these were all bought this year. 3802 from 6thave.com
    and Polks at close out prices from Circuit City,
    almost ridiculously cheap.

    A/V System #4
    Yamaha cdc 765 5 disc cd changer
    Yamaha 2092 receiver
    M&K S85C center channel speaker
    M&K S85 satellite speakers, 2 pairs
    M&K S75 satellites (*note*-Yamaha 2092 allows for hook
    up of an additional pair of front "effects" speakers
    that are spaced further apart and higher up than main
    front L & R, these could also concievably be used for
    rears with a newer 7.1 receiver)
    M&K V90 subwoofer
    I don't have a seperate dvd player for this system, I
    was using the Sony in system #1 also hooked up to
    this one. I have this system in the bedroom for
    movies only.
    These were all bought in late '97, except for sub in
    late '93

    Audio only system #1:
    Dual turntable w/ Ortofon cartridge (model #s ???)
    Adcom 5 disc cd player
    Adcom 565 preamp
    Adcom gfa4000 power amp, biamped with
    Adcom gfa5000 power amp to a set of
    Klipsch KLF30 speakers (yeah, I know all that power to
    such a set of highly, highly efficient speakers is
    overkill, but man, you should hear it!)
    NAD cassette deck (model # ???)
    Kimber Kable speaker wire, both sets for biamp
    All Adcom equip. bought in '96, speakers in late '97,
    turntable/cartridge, cassette deck, and speaker wires
    in '92.

    Audio system #2:
    Adcom CD player (model # ???)
    Adcom gtp400 tuner/preamp
    Adcom 535 power amp
    Nakamichi cassete deck (model # ???)
    Infinity Interlude IL50 speakers w/ built in subs
    I also have this system in the bedroom for music only
    All bought in '91, except speakers this year, tape
    deck in '93.

    Also have various equip.:
    2 Klipsch KSW 300 subs, unopened, bought in early '99
    3 pairs Polk Atrium 45 outdoor speakers, this year
    Klipsch outdoor speakers, bought in '97 (model # ???)
    Klipsch KSB 1.1 bookshelf speakers bought in '98
    Boston Acoustics old pair of bookshelf speakers,
    bought in late '93 (model # ???)
    Polk RT25i bookshelf speakers, this year
    Polk Rt15i bookshelf speakers, this year

    OK, here's what I've decided so far for sure: I'm booting the old Yamaha 2092 receiver out. It just has 5.1 dolby digital, and it can't be upgraded. At the time I got it, it was Yamaha's flagship receiver, and second to the top of the line in their whole catalog. Only the flagship integrated amp was higher up. I doubt I could get much for it if I sold it now, so I'm taking it and the yamaha cdc 765 cd changer and switching them to only power a pair or two of my outdoor speakers.
    I'm also going to boot at least one, if not both of the cassette decks out, as I simply never use them anymore. Maybe it would be a good idea to keep at least one. Probably couldn't get much out of them anyway if I tried to sell them.
    I think I'm going to sell the 2 unopened in factory sealed boxes Klipsch ksw 300 subs on ebay. I've researched what they have been going for, and I could easily at least get my money back out of them, as I got them at close out prices in the first place. Truth is, the 15 inch subs built into the Klipsch KSP 400s will probably outperform them, and I very seriously doubt that they are as good as the Infinity IL120s with their RABOS engaged.
    As for the B&K101 receiver, it just has 5.1 dolby digital just like the Yamaha 2092, however, it can be factory upgraded to DTS, 7.1 formats (non THX though, only dts es and dolby digital ex), and (I think) pro logic 2 for a cost of $1000. Plus, it would still need an additional 2 channel power amp (like maybe one of my Adcoms?)
    What's really going to be the hardest decision of all for me to make though is which speaker set (or 2) to boot out. I really like them all. That's going to be a tough, tough choice. I've noticed on this board that while there does seem to be a lot of Klipsch fans here, there just doesn't seem to be very many Polk, Infinity, and M&K fans/owners. I do probably need to keep the M&K set for sure, as they are the only set out of the bunch small enough to keep in the bedroom system. Keep in mind that the M&Ks are 4 ohms. I love the Klipschs, but they are about 5 years older than the Polks and Infinitys and have many mour hours on them than any of the others, so therefore it would be reasonable to assume that they would have about 5 years less of life/use left on them than the others, would it not? I guess this also goes for the M&Ks as well (although the M&Ks have far fewer hours on them than the Klipschs do. What is the life expectancy of use for a speaker, 10 years? 15 at the very most before foam surrounds start dry rotting? Based on that, it would seem to make sense to keep the newer Polks and Infinitys, would it not?
    Obviously, I have many, many options here (such as upgrading the B&K receiver and using one of the Adcom amps for the 2 extra channels, and/or using one of the adcom amps to make the HK 520 7.1 capable).
    What would you guys and gals do here if you were in this situation? Everyone please feel free to weigh in with your opinions, suggestions, advice, etc. on what you would do with all this equipment. How would you use it and match it all up, and what would you sell off of it?
    Thanks very much in advance if you do reply, and sorry this was so long.
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    Since noone else is replying, here is my input:
    What causes you to need more than a bedroom, A/V, and Audio system? Wouldn't one of each be more than enough?
    That having been said, I'd say,
    For A/V: Keep the B&K and do the upgrades, using the Adcom 535 or a similar power source (buy one). Use the presently connected speakers and whatever your personal favorite DVD player consists of.
    For bedroom: H&K and M&K with a decent 2 channel power source (including the Adcom 535) for fronts and the H&K amps for the other channels (switching H&K amp from front to power the extra surrounds (surround back L & R; the M&K S75's go here). Use one of the DVD players in this room and the H&K cd player. Music and movies ought to look and sound pretty darn good to great. You don't need more than that. IT'S A BEDROOM.
    For Audio: Dual turntable w/ Ortofon cartridge, Adcom 5 disc cd player, Adcom 565 preamp, Adcom gfa4000 power amp, biamped with Adcom gfa5000 power amp, NAD cassette deck, and Kimber Kable speaker wire. With what you can sell everything else for, buy a set of Vandersteen 2C's (see them here: http://www.vandersteen.com/pages/2Celit2.html
    ,read about them here: http://www.stereophile.com/showarchives.cgi?284 ).
    "For $1620 ($1495 plus $125 for the stands) ...you owe it to yourself to audition a pair of Vandersteen 2Ce Signatures. They remain one of the enduring values in high-end audio."
    Keep the Nakamichi cassete deck for those few recordings you don't have available on anything else - replacing it isn't worth it. The turntable might or might not be worth replacing. It's pretty low-end, but if you don't use it much more than your cassette deck...Works, doesn't it?
    Naturally, get rid of the rest. As for rotting speakers, replace them when you need to or have them repaired if you really like them and don't want to change. Don't let the age decide what you replace. Let what you hear do it.
    By the way, you have assembled one of the largest collections of components on record. Time to thin the herd and upgrade the experience. (Take it from someone who would consider much of what you own now to be an upgrade.:b)
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    Jeff, email me if you'll take some cash for the Yamaha 2092.
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    what do you do for a living that you own all of these components... my guess- you're single... without a pet. living with the parents.. damn, i wish i could afford some of those toys. nice selection.

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