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I have seen the VTF3-MK II and it is BIG : ) (1 Viewer)


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Feb 10, 2004
I got my VTF3=MKII yesterday and got it hooked up, it was cake. Do any of you use the phase control? I am a little confused by that and its use. I have it all the way down to 30.

Let me just say that this sub is so accurate I cant believe it. I had a polk sub and while that was ok for the low end I never got that enveloping feeling I get from the HSU. The former was more like a drawn out one note that never let go sub.

Not my HSU. When it needed to go low, everything shook. But even untuned, it never burped and switched to mid base so quickly between scenes that I was smiling during the whole movie. My Wife said what are you smiling at? And I said honey, you wouldnt understand, lol

I threw in some 2 channel music. My disk of choice is a very jazzy/house lounge type CD with slow and uptempo tracks and lots of instruments. The HSU again kept up with my Swan divas and blended in so seamlessly my wife didny know It was on because she couldnt figure out where all the bass was coming from : )

I cant wait to get an spl meter and get to work.

Edward J M

Senior HTF Member
Sep 22, 2002

Sounds like you are manipulating the low pass filter. If you are using a subwoofer cable and the pre/pro for digital bass management, then the low pass filter should be set to OUT (disable). If the switch is set to IN (which enables the low pass), the subwoofer will only be playing bass below 30 Hz.

The phase switch is either set to 0 or 180 - it is essentially a polarity switch. Pick whichever setting provides the most bass reinforcement with the main speakers. Sometimes it is very hard to tell a difference between the settings. If the sub is near the mains, most people leave it at 0 degrees.

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