I have about $500 to spend on cables

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  1. Haris Ellahi

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    Oct 30, 2001
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    I have about $500 to spend on all the cables that my home theater needs. Any recommendations? I need the following:

    1 center speaker cable.
    2 main speaker cables.
    2 surround speaker cables.
    1 subwoofer cable.
    1 component video cable.
    1 digital coax or toshlink cable to connect DVD player to preamp/processor.
    5 RCA cables to connect preamp/processor to amplifier.
  2. Bob McElfresh

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    May 22, 1999
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    So...what choices do you have from UAE?

    Most of us simply buy a spool of good 12 ga speaker wire and use it everywhere. The Sound King brand from www.partsexpress.com is great quality and inexpensive.

    The Acoustic Research Pro brand is budget price, but quite well respected. They make great $35 component video cables. And you can buy 2 sets of component video cables and use 5 of the cables to connect the preamp/processor to your amp.

    The complete set should run you a lot less than $500. (with the possible exception of shipping to UAE. Wires are basically metal/heavy/bit expensive to ship).

    The only non-budget cable I might suggest would be a custom-built Component video cable for between the DVD player and the TV. But it's not really worth it for a custom cable unless your system has one of the following:

    - TV screen size bigger than about 40"
    - TV is HDTV and will up-convert the signal
    - Pushing progressive video

    If you have one or more of these, then check out www.bettercables.com or one of the other custom sites.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Mike Matheson

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    Jul 15, 2000
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    I second all of Bob's suggestions if you're buying over the net rather than locally (maybe you can find 12 gauge speaker wire locally).

    I'd also suggest www.bluejeanscable.com as a source for the better quality component cable Bob mentions. At least as good as BC (IMHO) and probably a bit less expensive. Can't go wrong with either though.

    BTW, this is for normal gear, not hyper-expensive or unusual stuff (electrostats, etc.), right?

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