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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by HenryO, Jan 19, 2006.

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    I own a RCA RT2280 500w system and I don't know too much about home audio systems but I never seem to get much bass out of this thing. I've tried putting bass vol all the way up and others. MY box says ground shaking bass but i can't even shake a stick. What can I do to feel more bass?
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    You could try to move it around the room to different locations to see if there's any difference. However, I have my doubts that you're going to see much improvement unless you're in a pretty small room.

    To see a real improvement you may have to upgrade to a better sub. Probably the best, inexpensive sub out there is the Dayton sub from PartsExpress. If you catch it on sale, you can get it for around $100+shipping.

    If you're willing to spend more money you could see additional benefit from one of the subs made by Hsu or SVS.
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    As Seth alluded, there are certain factors that come into play when you’re talking about the ability of a system to deliver “ground shaking bass.” The size of your room relative to the performance of your system is one of the main ones.

    However, in your case it really won’t matter since your system probably has a sub with an 8” speaker, or possibly even smaller. A sub like that isn’t going to deliver “ground shaking bass” in even the smallest rooms.

    A subwoofer has to move a lot of air if you want to be able to “feel” it. That requires large-diameter drivers specially designed for high excursion (i.e., their cones are able to move in and out much further than most speakers), at least 10” minimum – indeed, at least 12” is preferable. Simply put, you aren’t going to get that kind of performance with a sub that comes with a $200 system. A sub that will do what you’re looking for will cost a minimum 2-3 times as much as your entire system.

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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