I have a really strange question.

Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by Tom Scholfield, Apr 26, 2004.

  1. Tom Scholfield

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    Feb 20, 2003
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    I just moved onto the third floor of an apartment complex. I am curious if there is anyway to isolate my low frequency sounds to my floor, I am not worried about it being heard on my same floor i am just worried about the people under me, I don't want them to be disturbed or mad. I have a front firing 12 inch 100 watt sub woofer. Please help.
  2. Jack Briggs

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    There's not a whole lot you can do, Tom. One thing would be to place the subwoofer atop a heavy stand or small, low table. Or you could jury-rig something -- say, using four bricks (covered with some sort of material, of course). At least something like that will mute some of the low frequencies traveling through the floor.

    Other than that, there's precious little you can do. Even more discouraging is the fact that quite a few apartment dwellers forgo the use of a subwoofer altogether, for the obvious reasons.

    In my case, I'm on the first floor. Even still, I have to keep the levels low.
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    I would put something squishy under it, but not too soft, or it may degrade the sub performance, but having transmission directly to the floor will make things worse, thus the pad of some sort. But the sound waves themselves will tend to go right through the floors and walls and that's something you'll have to live with with neighbors. I would try placement too, and go see next door/downstairs what it sounds like. Sometimes just moving it somewhere else can make it a lot better, and if you take the time to go see what things sound like you get a good idea of what is reasonable. And you show your neighbors you care, so they wont just immediately get pissed the first time it bothers them.
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    I live on the 3rd floor too, but I must have my sub. Late at night, I simply turn it off and run all speakers full range. Fortunately, I have nobody below me right now, but someone right on the other side of the wall where the sub is... So far, no complaints.

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