I have a question about my home theater setup...

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    Jun 23, 2002
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    I'm not sure this is the correct category, but I believe it is.

    First, I will tell you what equipment I have, and how it is setup. (I basically want to know, what my best possible setup could be, with the equipment I have, I am a novice with this type of stuff, but have been trying to figure it out for some time...)

    TV: JVC AV-32F802
    Home theater in a box: Kenwood HTB-504
    dvd player: JVC XV-S60 (I believe the model is)

    I have the dvd going to the tv, using component, and I have the dvd going to the receiver using optical. I was wondering if there is a better setup, and if there is a way to have my ps2 hooked up as well, but to the receiver (as well as the dvd player), instead of having each item plugged into the tv. I've heard it's better to have each item hooked into the receiver, and then have one hookup to the tv, either through component, composite, or s-video.

    (also, one other quick question, can I have it going out to the tv from the receiver using component, but each device hooked up to the received using s-video? Can this be done...the manual for the receiver does not mention any of this..)

    Thanks for any information, and I am sorry I don't know that much about this, and if it is in the wrong section..
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    to answer your 1st question- yes, you can hook up your ps2 and dvd player to the receiver for both audio and video (i hope you receiver have enough Svideo or component in slot?)

    answer to question 2- yes, you can hook up your output signal to your tv. whether this will give you better quality on your PS2 is questionable. since your PS2 output signal comes from S-video, i dont think the receiver will enhance the signal with component out.

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