i have a question about 8mm cameras

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    i didnt really know if this was the appropriate place to ask a question about 8mm cameras, but im looking to purchase one and i dont really know what to look for. i know they are pretty cheap on ebay and stuff, and im not looking for anything too fancy, i just want one that is sturdy and pretty decent. can anyone help me out? id really appreciate it.
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    Camcorders have a reputation for breaking down more than other kinds of electronic products. My 8mm unit broke after only six years of light use and careful treatment.

    You can buy new Hi8 camcorders for anywhere from $230 (for a really terrible model, one without a fold-out LCD) to $400 (list price of the Sony TRV-608 that was top-ranked among analog camcorders in a recent Consumer Report issue). So those eBay camcorders had better be really cheap to be worth the risk of getting a bad unit (or a unit that goes bad in the not-too-distant future).

    Important features: Image stabilizer, color LCD screen, adequate optical zoom range (for your needs), ability to record from analog input (like a VCR). (Sadly, you can't find the latter feature on any current analog camcorder.)

    Nice features: Large color LCD screen. Color viewfinder.

    Frills/worthless: Digital zoom.

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