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May 22, 1999
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Recently I self-published my first full-length novel, entitled Elspeth, following a long-ish short story called Crossing the Meadow last year. The title subject is a ten-year-old girl who has a prosthetic leg and is trying to find her way toward more healthy self-esteem and an understanding of her place in the world, She and her "best-and-almost-only friend" hear what they believe is a dog howling from within a long-abandoned home on their daily walk home from school. Elspeth, being a die-hard animal lover, wants to help the dog. But her friends advise against it, and her father forbades her going near the dilapidated house.


There is a supernatural element to this story that plays out to the end, but the story is really more about the title character coming to terms with her own handicap and eventual mortality.

The book was published using a nom de plume of Christopher D. Wayland, and can be found for purchase ($12.95) via a variety of online book sellers. I published this book and my previous one using funds that were generously provided by way of private (not here) crowd-funding campaigns, but now comes the difficult task of selling physicial copies. I loathe asking people for money, but, being retired and living on Social Security only at this point, my options are limited. Instead, having published Elspeth now, I wish to spread the word around that it is available.

The reason I am posting this here (with permission) is that selling books as an aging, unknown author is incredible challenging. Finding an agent is either impossible or expensive (or both) unless you have a track record, which I am trying to establish. Hopefully the topic will be of interest enough to attract a few of you to it by way of Amazon or Barnes and Noble, links to which I am including below. I would encourage honest reviews on either or both of these sites.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this, and as a member of HTF for 22 years (!), I hope that anyone purchasing my new book will enjoy it along with their middle school-age children or grandkids.


Malcolm R

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Feb 8, 2002
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I received my copy from Amazon today. It'll be a few days until I get to it, as I just started a new James Rollins novel (Crucible) that's kind of lengthy. :)

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