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I have a JVC mini system, I can use it with my VCR, but.... (please help!) (1 Viewer)

Anthony N

Feb 23, 2003
Hi guys, pleeeease help me with this!

I have a JVC mini system stereo, and just last month I discovered I can hook it up to my VCR via 2 composite outputs on the back of the mini system, into the VCR's composite inputs. Just turn the mini system to AUX, push play on the VCR and batta bing batta boom, you have sound that's alot better than the crappy speakers my TV has.

The problem is, I've discovered how crumby the color and picture from VHS is compared to DVD's, and so I've tried to figure out how to do this same setup with a dvd player.

I have an couple of DVD players, including a PS2, Xbox, and a dedicated Samsung DVD player, and none of them have composite inputs. The Samsung player has composite outputs, but no inputs (It also has an S-video output, and 1 set of component outsputs, 1 coxial and one optical output). So what can I do?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Oh and I don't know if it matters, but my TV is a 24" Sony Trinitron, very very basic, only has the cable input and 2 sets of composite inputs. (The composite inputs don't have the white input though, just yellow and red, not sure why).


Second Unit
Dec 18, 2001
I think you have probably confused yourself a bit. Take the composite (Red & White) out from your DVD or PS2 and go directly to the composite (Red & White) in's on the JVC mini. Badda Bing Badda Boom should have sound, just like the vcr in other words just replace the VCR with the DVD player wire for wire. Send the Yellow from the DVD to the Yellow on the TV. The reason your TV has only Red and Yellow is that it will only accept a mono signal via the red and video via the yellow.;)


Supporting Actor
Jun 14, 2002
Brent's right about the switching and the reason the TV only has red and white wires.

But if you were looking to have your VCR & DVD player hooked up to the JVC mini system at the same time, then you'll need to get a switcher like this one found at radio shack. With this little thing you can have up to 4 things connected to your JVC system.

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