I have a few questions.... Please help (DVD-A and SACD related)

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    The first thing i want to know is is there anyway to make MP3's out of DVD-A or SACD dscs? I am starting to buy these discs instead of regular cd's, but whenever im on the go i use my MP3 player and id hate to ahve to buy it in both cd and SACD just so i can listen while i walk.

    as well im curious about some content so if anyone can help me with this list id help.

    CCR there is willie and the poor boys, and Cosmos factory on SACD, is there anything else?

    Oasis i believe has some SACD's as far as i know they are heather Chemistry, Standing on the shoulder of Giants, and Whats the story (morning glory) is this accurate? are there more or less?

    and ive ehard the lord of the rings soundtrack is comming out on dvd-a is this true? if so when?
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