I have a few questions before "Go Time!"

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Dan Keliikoa, May 13, 2005.

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    Hi gang.

    It's getting to be TV time [​IMG]

    The prime candidate: is the 52" JVC Dila set

    My price range: is what this set goes for (about $2500).

    My 'fall backs': (should the Dila not live up at home) are the Samsung 50" DLP in the same price range, and the 42" Samsung plasma.

    Prime useage: DVDs, Xbox and DSS in that order. Dss would account for roughly 20-25% of the TV's time, the rest of it would be mostly DVD and then Xbox.

    Where: Bedroom, set on top of a wide dresser, 8-9' viewing distance, mostly dark.

    And now for some questions...

    1) How are the newer sets like these dealing with videogames/Xbox performance? Is it all good, or is there blurring or other weirdness I should know about?

    2) Dila owners, are you happy?

    3) DLP and the Dila sets can be really bright...are they tweakable to reign that in with an AVIA or VE disc, or are they simply bright all the time? Bright is great, but we don't want to have to wear sunglasses or get tans if we're watching at night [​IMG]

    4) Does plasma have any real advantage over the other two techs? Picture is very nice, but it's smaller..and that's almost never better [​IMG]

    I think that's it for the moment...we're going from a 26" that I have to scoot down to the foot of the bed to see movies on LOL

    I'm looking forward to going big. The room will definitely accommodate the tvs I've listed.

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    Leaving this one for actual owners. Be patient for responses from actual owners and/or owners that are actually gamers.

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