I have a couple of questions regarding my new DVD player.

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    [​IMG] I love this forum, I have hardly been a member for a full month yet, and I have received so much helpful advice! Of course, I need more.

    I have just purchased a Denon DVD 1600 online and I have a couple of questions. My receiver is a Yamaha 1105 (same as the 795a as far as I know). Should I use the player's built-in DD/DTS decoders or the ones in my receiver? Are they of different quality?

    Also, to take full advantage of the DVD-Audio portion of it, do I use the 2 ch. output signal, or is the optical cable going to sound just as good? Am I hooking the player up using both?

    I was using my X-Box as my DVD player. Now that I am getting a dedicated player, I have a new problem. My tv has only one S-video input. I can't use my receiver to switch the S-video signals because I cannot assign the optical inputs to a different area. Two optical inputs: CD and DVD. Or does anyone know if I am wrong about assigning the optical inputs? Are there affordable S-video switch boxes I can buy? If I have to, I'll just switch the cable back and forth between machines until I can afford a new tv, but I'd rather not play that game. I watch more movies than play games, but the X-box looks terrible on my tv when using composite. S-video looks awesome.

    Well, as always, I appreciate all of your help.
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    I would use the receiver's Dolby Digital/DTS decoder myself, as it will give you better control over bass management and probably much better sound. On most DVD players internal DTS and Dolby Digital processing is an afterthought and generally sounds very average.

    DVD-Audio can't be passed through a TosLink optical cable so you will have to use standard RCA cables. Two will give you stereo sound, but you will need six to hear multichannel DVD-Audio (there is a set of six RCA outputs on the back of the player for this).

    Using the setup described above would mean using both RCA cable (DVD-Audio) and optical (Dolby Digital and DTS) connections between the DVD player and receiver.

    Try Radio Shack or similar for an S-Video switchbox.


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