I found a great way to get the “Mummy Returns” DVD off the spindle

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  1. Shawn Sefranek

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    Sep 30, 1998
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    A SHOTGUN !!!!!! [​IMG]
    …… No seriously.
    I HATE some of the “new” spindle designs as much as the next guy.
    I found this quite by accident:
    Place the case on something SOFT like a pillow, thick carpet or couch cushion.
    Press straight down on the spindle with your thumb and the DVD should pop right off.
    The only other DVD I could find off hand that has the same case is ZARDOZ and it worked great on that one as well.
    Try it……
    Shawn S
  2. Adam Tyner

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    Sep 29, 2000
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    Universal might just be torturing those of us who prefer widescreen. [​IMG] At least, the cropped version I accidentally bought had a different spindle than the 'claw of death' widescreen replacement I got shortly after I realized my mistake.
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