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    Apr 10, 2000
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    Guys I finally bought something. At first, I wanted to buy equipment that would last for a long time without upgrading, BUT you guys know how that goes. [​IMG] So I decided to start modestly and upgrade later. Also I didn't feel comfortable spending a couple grand right now, esp with the economy the way it is. I just ordered the JBL NSP1 and will need a receiver and sub. For the sub, I'll probably get the Sony. Hope it still is on sale at BB. I'm looking to buy a receiver w/ DPL2 for about $300. I have been researching for awhile but cannot decide. The Denon 1802 and HK AVR120 (maybe Onkyo 494/Kenwood 509) are the ones I am interested in. Between the Denon and HK, the HK has more inputs and better DACs (24/192) while the Denon has more power and definitely more customer loyalty/popularity. I have not seen much info about the HK, but on paper it looks good. Any opinions?
    My future HT:
    Reciever: $300-350
    JBL NSP1: $300
    Sony SA-WM40: $160
    Total: $760-800
    Anything you guys would do differently with $750-800?
    P.S. HTF has been my main resource for sometime. Thanks to all HTF members for your help.
  2. Rob Robinson

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    Aug 8, 2001
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    I have the 110, and I have NO complaints--
    I wish I would have stepped up to the 210 to get pre-outs :/
  3. Thomas_Berg

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    more power will not be a problem for you right now or (as you say) in the near future. many argue that receivers should be replaced every three years or so due to technology updates anyway. BUT, Rob made a good point: try to spend a little extra to get something with pre-outs. i currently have an Onkyo 595 and wish it had a set of pre-outs. i thought it'd be awhile (if ever) before i went to external amplification, but that was before i really read up on it! truth is, you may be upgrading to separates MUCH sonner than you'd anticipate (at least in my case), due to upgrade-itis. [​IMG]
    i'd personally take the HK here, but go with the 210 to get the pre-outs.
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