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    Can anyone provide me a link that will explain HDTV? I just got a HDTV set (primarily for DVD) and am interested in learning more about HDTV. Mostly along the lines of what shows are being broadcast and what methods are available for receiving them. Thanks,
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    Try the www.ilovehdtv.com site where you can sign up for a daily schedule via email of hdtv programming. Also, check into the avs forum on hdtv programming. It's a robust and in-depth discussion of hd issues. CBS.com has daily schedules of HD programming as well.
    In general terms, hd is available via satellite and over-the-air digital television reception from stations that have their digital transmitters up and running. If you can receive OTA transmissions, ABC and CBS are running all of their new dramas, sit-coms and some specials in HD. CBS runs a weekly college football game (check the CBS site for which game is HD each week). NBC offers one prime time show in HD (Crossing Jordan) and the Tonight Show nightly.
    Direct TV offers one channel of HBO HD movies (Ch. 509), which includes Band of Brothers in HD. Also on Direct TV, a new channel of mostly sports called HDNet. It's currently offering live NHL Hockey and some special sports events, a few travelogues and other promos such as the Lord of the Rings trailer in HD.
    I'm not as familiar with Dish, but I know they offer Showtime HD, and, in certain parts of the country, they provide the CBS HD schedule.
    One warning: once you get into HD, it's hard to go back to regular tv. It looks better than anything else -- including line quadrupled DVDs.
    Good luck and enjoy your new tv.
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    In addition, PBS also has several HD programs that are broadcast numerous times over the course of each month. Also, CBS has a history of broadcasting a lot of "major sporting events" in HD. These events have included the NCAA Final Four, Masters golf tournament, NFL playoff games and U.S. Open tennis tourney.
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