I did it! Samsung HCL4715W Hi Def windscreen RPTV! Tips? Advice?

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    I did it! Samsung HCL4715W Hi Def windscreen RPTV! Tips? Advice?

    I’ve finally made the jump to a HD RPTV! I bought a Samsung HCL4715W Hi Def windscreen RPTV this weekend at Sears it will be delivered Saturday. It got them down to $1750 and they thew in the free DVD, which I upgraded, to a Panasonic RP56 Progressive scan for 100 bucks. I think I got a decent deal, but man, am I nervous!

    I have been researching HD RPTVs for a while and on the showroom floor (for what THAT is worth, which is very little) it is among the best looking units I saw. I was also one of the least expensive. Just the combo I was looking for. Unfortunately there are hardly any reviews on this model and Samsung RPTVs in granular. But the few comments from users that I read were almost all positive. I would like to hear from other HCL47 users out there. Did I make a decent choice?

    1) How to you think the Reliability of this set is compared to Mits, Tosh, Pioneer, Panny etc.?

    2) I got the Sears 3yr Extended Warranty for $300 but now I’m having 2nd thoughts, because it looks like I can get 5 years total warranty coverage with Viking for $180 bucks. Has anyone used Viking and how is the service compared to a Sears Warranty? I definitely like the idea of 2 more years of coverage for $120 less.

    3) I have a crappy cable signal right now (doesn’t even look good on my 32 inch). How well will the Sammy adapt to this crappy analog signal?

    4) How does it handle non-animorphic and 4:3 DVD materiel?

    5) What are the stretch mode options? Which is best for what material?

    6) And most importantly what are my first steps after it is dropped off? I already have video essentials and I ordered Avia this weekend. With all of the wealth of info on tweaks for the Tosh, Mits, etc I’m surprised to find very little info on tweaks for the Samsung HCL4715W.

    7) How do you go about disabling the SVM (or is it even worth it for this model)?

    Sorry for the long post and for the cross-post. I originally posted in the RPTV forum but then I thought I might get more feedback here.

    Thanks a ton in advance for any advice!


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    Sorry I am not answering any of your questions, but what you do want to do , is with all the digital channels and HD available in the tampa area is get yourself a HD set top box as soon as possable and you want have to worry about a crummy cable signal....Enjoy your set..

    I do not know too much about your perticular set, but everything I have read, samsung is getting a good reputation in the digital TV market place...

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