"I Am Trying To Break Your Heart" reviews?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by David Lawson, Sep 29, 2002.

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    David Lawson
    I'm just wondering if anyone has seen this Wilco documentary yet. It opens here on October 4, and though I'm underwhelmed by their newest album, I'll see it regardless due to my overall appreciation for the band, and the fact that it's not an EPK piece.
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    I had a chance to see the film over a month ago. Really gives a good perspective on the sorry state of the music biz. Even if you're not a fan of the band, it is a must see. I saw it with a friend who had never heard a Wilco tune and they enjoyed it just a much. Definately check it out.
    BTW - Granted, I don't expect everyone to love the album (it is a little challenging), but if you're a fan of the band, how could you be "underwhelmed" by the album. I consider it one of the best rock albums of the last few years, and their finest. Maybe the film will help change that perspective [​IMG]
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    Mar 22, 2000
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    I just reviewed this on my radio show tonight (was giving away free tickets to boot, but Ohio to Connecticut is a bit of a haul!) and really loved the film. Having little to no exposure to the band going into it, I was surprised at how enjoyable it was. Of course I wound up getting hooked on Yankee Hotel Foxtrot shortly thereafter.

    It does seem to demonize Reprise records a bit more than necessary -- the band was never really 'screwed' by the label. All in all things worked out extremely well for the guys. The fact that Reprise didn't know what to do with an 'art' album was a sad reflection of the music industry, but this was just about negated by the decent situation Wilco encountered with Nonesuch.

    Their manager Tony Margherita comes off as the sleaziest of all parties, and his proud accounts about sticking it to Warner by re-selling the album back to them at triple the pricetag come off as a bit cheesy. You sort of get the feeling that he would be the one declining to release the album if he were the head of Reprise and not the band's manager.

    But... the important stuff is about the band, and both the live and studio performances are great, as is the b&w 16mm photography. The Jay Bennett drama is also a ton of 'Spinal Tap'-ish fun, as he comes across as a complete Nigel Tufnel in many scenes. And boy does Jeff Tweedy seem to have a miserable off-stage life, complete with excessive vomiting. Yay!

    Considering the fact that I found it enthralling as a non-Wilco fan (I am getting there now though!), checking this out is a no brainer if you already enjoy the band's work. Even if you don't love the album, run out and catch this one! Then run home and watch Radiohead's "Meeting People Is Easy" and your night is complete!

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