I am helping my Parents install a home theatre

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Kriszi, Oct 30, 2005.

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    n a new house they just built. This house is a 3 story, 9300 ft.² The main home theater setup will be in the great room. We will probably be utilizing a Denon 3805 receiver for the surround sound in this room. we want to provide music to the rest of the house. Is it practical to use this receiver for that purpose? Is there a web site or book that I can use as reference material for this project? we are also going to be putting an intercom through out the house.

    the contractor on the project wrote me this e-mail

    I have been
    talking with a supplier who helped us with the wiring of the clinic's
    music system, which was a 70 volt system, that we could put numerous
    speakers on, in numerous locations, all having individual volume
    controls. I am tossing about some sort of zoning idea, or the
    individual controls, which may work better, but, am not decided yet,
    and looking for input suggestions, if you have them.

    what opinions do you have on this? Thanks in advance[​IMG]
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    According to the on-line manual, the 3805 will do two additional zones. It may be possible to utilize the VCR outputs as well, as any selected source (both audio and video) is present on those connections.

    A commercial 70-volt system has the advantage of being able to efficiently use lots of speakers, certainly a plus in a house this size, but typically they’re for background or paging, not hi-fi. However, hi-fi may not be a priority with secondary locations.

    Hopefully someone with experience installing large-scale multi-zone systems will come along with some better information.

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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