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    New Line Home Entertainment's December 10th release of Human Nature will be a DVD-only affair, with the studio skipping a VHS release of the Patricia Arquette/Tim Robbins comedy.* "DVD penetration has achieved such heights, and we felt the demographic this movie appeals to is probably a more technologically savvy customer," said New Line VP of marketing Justine Brody. "It's more of a niche film." New Line plans more DVD-only releases in the near future, a decision that the studio says will be based on the type of title and its target audience
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    Platinum Series? Probably not. Anyway, nice to see them disregard an obsolete format, even if it's only this one time (for now).

    The film is already out on DVD in Europe, but I'd be pleased if New Line actually put some extras on the disc. Then I could, once again, laugh at all those who caved in for the (inferior) local release.

    In a way, though, it is a little ignorant of New Line to state that this particular film appeals to "a more technologically savvy customer"... It's a very (unintentionally) ironic thing to say considering the film's subject matter, which includes a lot of criticism of the artificial technology-obsessed society we live in.

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