Hughes' "Hell's Angels" DVD in time for "The Aviator?"

Discussion in 'DVD' started by ReggieW, Jul 25, 2004.

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    I am wondering since the early part of Scorsese's "Avaiator" deals with this film and its production. It will be a missed opportunity if this film was not released in conjunction with "The Aviator" in Nov/Dec since people who see "The Aviator" may wan to see Hell's Angels. There is literally TONS of extra footage and outtakes out there for this film, including the full-length premiere footage which I personally saw at a screening 5 years ago. Bob Gitt from the UCLA Film Archives was the MC of the evening and we were treated to vintage footage of Hughes and the films dialogue director James Whale directing Jean Harlow. I think the aerial stunts in Hell's Angels were, and still are spectacular. I find it interesting that Hell's Angels has never received any other release other than VHS (yep, no laserdisc was EVER released). Sometimes I can't think why for the life of me won't studios exploit these treasures when they can. I mean, you have the most expensive film made up to that point (plus a rare two-color technicolor sequence with Jean Harlow which was shown at the premiere and then was lost until it was restored in 1989) with one of Hollywoods biggest stars of all time and tons of vintage footage for a nice SE, but the studio won't capitalize on it!?! I guess I'm asking if anyone has heard word/rumors of an impending release for this title. I know MCA/Universal has the video rights, so perhaps it's universals call. There is no excuse with all of the ffotage out there that this film wouldn't make a nice SE, perhaps a very nice Criterion release (I can only dream).

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    Hell's Angels is coming Dec. 7; see this thread, but don't expect an SE presentation. This IS Universal...

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