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Huge Load of Sealed HD-DVD Combo Releases, Single Titles, International Welcome! (1 Viewer)

Gary Murrell

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Oct 20, 2000
Guys, I have here a huge load of sealed HD-DVD's that I got for Christmas, of course me being a obsessive buyer, I already have them all!!!

Again these are all sealed brand new and came from various vendors, all are 100% perfect same as if bought new, no slashes thru bar codes or etc., just brand new sealed discs

I ship overseas internationally on nearly a daily basis, I am very fimiliar with customs forms and love to help out my AV brothers anywhere, so you are welcome to purchase 1 or 15 titles no matter where you are from!!

shipping internationally will be done via airmail letter which is 3 or 4 day service for very low mail letter packet cost, all titles will ship in bubble envelopes

I wish to accept paypal only for all these items

All these titles are going to have set pricing and set shipping, please see the prices below

shipping for 1 disc to US will be free, shipping for 1 disc to anywhere else will be 5$, multiples will give lower combined shipping to foreign buyers

here is the list:

Hot Fuzz 20$
Fearless 20$
Dead Silence 20$
Good Shepherd 20$
Alpha Dog 20$
Hitcher 20$
Breach 20$
Knocked Up 20$
Evan Almighty 20$
Hollywood Land 20$
Children of Men 20$

thanks guys for helping me move some stuff, appreciate it

please contact me via PM or email at [email protected] to ask any questions or to order


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