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HUGE list rare dvd's, dts ld's, ld player, etc. (1 Viewer)

chris rick

Second Unit
Sep 20, 1999
Well here goes, need to dump these and have given up on trying to sell everything together. There are some great titles here--dts ld's such as Titanic, etc. Dances with Wolves oop dts dvd, Alien Legacy 5th disc, OOP Devil's Advocate, etc. check them out. If interested email me and we can talk shipping prices. I only want to sell in groups of 3 or more if possible. Please guys and gals I really need to dump these. Thanks!

Dvd, and ld’s list for sale:

8 MM: 9
28 days: 9
Absolute Power: 7 (Eastwood Collection)
Ali: 10
Alien Legacy plus OOP fifth disc (may be willing to sell fifth disc seperately): 105
All The Pretty Horses: 9
American Psycho: (universal) 8
Analyze This: 7
Antz CE: 12
Armageddon Criterion (original release two disc case): 25
Benny and Joon: 7
Blair Witch 2: 5
Blue Velvet (non-se): 8
The Bone Collector: 9
Bounce (2 disc): 10
Bride of Chucky: 8
Cast Away : 2 disc no longer available 15
Charlie’s Angels: 7
Chuck and Buck: 8
Cider House Rules: 12
City of Angels: 8
Clerks: Animated: 14
Cliffhanger SE: 10
A Clockwork Orange (newest packagaing just not part of boxed set): 9
The Color Purple (original one disc release now OOP): 7
The Corruptor New Line Platinum Series: 7
The Craft SE: 9
Dances With Wolves DTS: 30
Daylight dts original cover art: 15
Detroit Rock City New Line Platinum Series: 9
Devil's Advocate OOP rare first version with sculputure not edited out: 40
Dick SE: 9
Dinosaur: 2 disc se- 18
Disturbing Behavior: 7
Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead: 6
Dreamscape: 8
Dr. Strangelove (newest version Columbia SE in keepcase): 10
The grinch (ws version w/ jim carrey) 8
Dude where’s my car 8
Dungeons and Dragons (never watched) 9
Eagles Hell Freezes Over dts: 20
Emperor’s New Groove 2 disc: 21
The English Patient: 10
Erin Brokovich: 9
Escape From New York: 7
Eve’s Bayou: 9
The Evil Dead: (Elite SE): 14
The Family Man (opened, never watched): 10
Finding Forrester (never watched opened): 10
The First Power: 6
Frank Herbert’s Dune Miniseries (old version non-se): 9
Galaxy Quest (DTS version): 14
Ghosts of Mars: 10
Girl, Interrupted: 9
Godzilla: 10
Gremlins (original now OOP version): 9
The Haunting (DTS ES version): 14
Hannibal SE: 15
Hollow Man: 9
House on Haunted Hill (2000 remake): 7
Idle Hands: 9
Independence Day 2 disc SE: 15
Iron Giant: 8
Jimmy Neutron: 9
Kentucky Fried Movie: 8
A Knight’s Tale (opened, never watched): 9
Little Nicky: 9
Maniac ELITE SE: 9
Mask of Zorro (original non-se): 7
Midnight in the garden of good and evil: 7
Mission Impossible 2: 9
Money Talks: 7
Mulan: 16
Muppets From Space: 8
Night of the living dead (anchor bay se): 6
“O” 2 disc se: 10
Orange County: 9
Pearl Harbor (2 disc) 9
The Peacemaker (DTS)-14
The Perfect Storm: 9
Pitch Black: 9
Porky’s and Porky’s II double feature: 9
Princess Bride (non-se): 6
Ravenous SE: 9
Revenge of the Nerds and Revenge of the NerdsII Double Feature: 9
Rush Hour 2 Infinifilm: 10
Save the last dance: 9
Scary Movie: 7
Shaft (remake w/ Samuel L. Jackson): 9
Shanghai Noon: 8
The Shining (newest release with documentary, just not part of boxed set): 9
The Sixth Sense (non vista): 7
Sleepless in Seattle SE: 8
Something Wicked This Way Comes: 5
Snatch (2 disc se): 12
State and Main: 8
Stepmom: 6
Stir of Echoes: 8
Stuart Little: 9
There’s Something About Mary: 9
Titan A.E.: 9
Traffic (non Criterion obviously at this price): 8
U571 (killer dts!!!): 10
Unlawful Entry: 7
Valentine: 8
Varsity Blues: 8
Wag the Dog: 8
Way of the gun: 8
What Lies Beneath: 9
Wild Things: 8
Willy Wonka (first dvd version now OOP widescreen--this version no longer available) 15
You’ve Got Mail: 8


DTS: all opened and in excellent condition- will sell them all for 115 plus shipping

Titanic: 50
Sudden Death: 11
Stargate: 10
Great Expectations: 13
Village of the damned: 12
Firestorm: 11

Other LD’s

Criterion Bundle (all of these titles): 80 plus shipping

The Prince of Tides Criterion: 15
Pink Flamingos Criterion: 18
Halloween Criterion: 20
Boyz N The Hood Criterion: 15
Boogie Nights Criterion: 20

Both sets below for 50 plus shipping

Beatles Anthology: 25
E.T. Boxed Set w/full doc. Not on dvd!: 30

Star Wars Trilogy original versions not the se’s!!!! (thx releases): 60
Forrest Gump with Documentary: 12

Wanted Titles for trade: Email me with offers--

Some Wants:

X-Files Season 6 and 7 sealed
Kurosawa Criterions other than Seven Samurai, Rashomon, and Hidden Fortress
Adaptation Superbit
Blue Crush Widescreen
Any Criterions--especially Straw Dogs, Hitchcock Criterions
Sex and the City Season 4 sealed
South Park Season 1 and 2 sealed

chris rick

Second Unit
Sep 20, 1999
updated, I am on top of all emails as I am getting a ton guys and gals bear with me but I am responding as soon as I'm getting them. Thanks!

chris rick

Second Unit
Sep 20, 1999
bump, updated. Am willing to sell the ld's in bundles now- all Criterions together, all dts ld's together, etc, will sell remaining dvd's in bundle too. Inquire. Thanks!

chris rick

Second Unit
Sep 20, 1999
bump. The response has been good so far guys as I've gotten rid of a fair amount. I really wanna dump these! Thanks.

chris rick

Second Unit
Sep 20, 1999
bump to the top all deals done up until now! I added some major wants so take a look if you get a chance. Thanks!

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