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Dec 6, 2007
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So I have been having horrific problems trying to setup my HTPC. I am basically stumped and plan on returning the parts and going for a Core 2, which is what I should have done in the beginning.

My current Setup
CPU AMD X2 3800+ (The 95nm process, it was on sale =/)
Motherboard - Abit AN-M2HD (With onboard nVidia 7050PV video chipset with HDMI Out)
Memory A-Data 4GB DDR2 800
TV Tuner - ATI TV Wonder Plus 550 (Not HD Enabled)

Here are the issues.

I installed Vista Ultimate x64 (to be able to see all 4GB of ram), and installed the drivers for the motherboard without a hitch. Trying to install the drivers for the TV Tuner has been... to say the least, a pain in the a**! Going to ATI's site, it says that this specific card is supported in Vista x64, so I go and download the drivers, which includes ATI Catalyst Control Center. After the installation is finished, it prompts me for a restart, and voila, BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). ATINAVRR.SYS (the driver file) is the problem.

Windows starts up just fine, but whenever you are shutting the computer down it blue screens. So, deteremined to figure out what's wrong, I try multiple versions of the driver, including drivers for XP 64, XP 32, Media Center, Vista 32, basically every version of every driver for every Microsoft Operating System. No go...

I then, after a fresh install of Vista, extracted the driver from the ATI download, and tried just installing the driver manually. After a while of waiting, it says the driver installed successfully, and to restart. Restart, no BSOD, but when Windows boots back up, it says "There are not enough resources to use this device". I disable a number of other devices (even tried resetting the CMOS to get it to correctly assign the IRQs). When windows starts up, the device doesn't have that error message anymore, but now says that the driver is not installed! Any further attempts to install the driver once more are thwarted by windows prompting me that "The Best Driver is already installed for this hardware".

I have tried many other things that I will not write out here, but I am willing to take suggestions. I know that this TV Card is probably the problem, and I am most likely going to upgrade to an HD Tuner ASAP. But if anyone had any suggestions that would be great!


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Aug 13, 2003
Are you using an ATI video card? It seems your aren't the only one with this problem, here is another forum with a user who posted up and has fixed his problem. I hope this helps, if not you can shoot me a PM or whatever and I can try and personally help you.

Heres the link:

ATI TV Wonder Elite Help - PlanetAMD64

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