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Dec 29, 2004
Hi everyone,

1stly - great forum - much gained thanks. First off from me are some "truths". I have been doing research for about 3 mnths now and things get a little crazy - the thing that blew me from my final purchase decision was that the BenQ projector I was about to buy is now believed not to have as many "wheels" as thought (won't mention model etc. as it will cause a debate and all I want is some feedback on my current "truths"). Just to make sure my current "truths/beliefs" are close thought it would be useful to put them forward here:

1. With an HTPC for playing all video/tv/dvd etc. the capability of a front end projector to convert various input signals is not important, if you have a good enough video card and software on the HTPC to make the signal output best suited for the projector!

2. Manual keystone correction on the projector lens does not cause image resolution "correction/scaling/change" and possible quality loss as does the use of digital keystone correction!

3. A 4:3 vs 16:3 projector choice is a preference of screen view/fit rather than a resolution loss/gain issue!

4. A native Xga projector is better regards maintaining a "native" resolution from an HTPC running windows media centre!

Please do not fence sit and reply on all four of my "truths" e.g.
1. Yes (agree)/No (disagree)/Not sure
2. Yes (agree)/No (disagree)/Not sure
3. Yes (agree)/No (disagree)/Not sure
4. Yes (agree)/No (disagree)/Not sure

If you disagree please provide more detail so mere mortals such as myself can learn more (the more you learn the less you know ;0)

Looking forward to your replies - to "speak" about this with others may eventually help me feel better about my "beliefs" and help me towards my purchase decision...


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Aug 19, 2002
1) A digital projector will usually always have on-board scaling. Using an HTPC will allow you to do 1x1 pixel mapping, which hopefully bypasses the on-board scaling of the projector, and your PC can usually always do it better, so you may get a better image this way, depending on how good (or not) the scaling on your projector is.

2) Never use electronic keystone correction in the projector. I dunno about optical keystone adjustments.

3) confused by your question.

4) you'll want your PC to output the native resolution of your projector. Use powerstrip to do this, or one of the newer display card drivers that allows custom resolutions.

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