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Andrew Pratt

Senior HTF Member
Dec 8, 1998
I've decided to sell my HTPC b/c I simply don't have the time to use it and we're going to be buying a van shortly and the money should really be put into that then the PC since its just sitting there unused.

Anyway here's what I built a few months ago...

Motherboard - Asus A7N8XE - Deluxe(details here)

CPU - AMD Barton 2800+

512 megs of PC3200 RAM in dual channel mode

Video - ATI 9600 non pro. Its fan less and plenty fast enough for most games

Satallite DVB - VisionPlus 1020.

Audio - This motherboard has audio though the SoundStorm chip which encodes all the audio into DD and makes it available via a nice digital coax port on the back. This means that all your audio coming out will be in DD which is great for games and TV shows etc. Note that you'll still get DTS from DVD's of course

Seagate 80 gig SATA hard drive. Its very fast and quiet.

DVD-Rom -Black Liteon

Case - Antec Overture. Its big enough to take a full sized board and has a nice power supply. Details here
Note that the Overture comes with a silver front but I wanted it to blend in with the rest of my gear so I painted the front black with a spray can of textured paint and it turned out fantastic. I've also modded the rear fan grill to get more air flow though the case.

It also has the Zalman 7000 CPU cooler installed so its virtually silent.

I have an IRA2 IR sensor so you can use your regular remote to control this unit.

It currently has WindowsXP and some minor apps installed (myHTPC, PowerStrip, Girder etc) but none have really been set up yet.

I'm asking $600USD shipped but might consider a trade (or partial trade) for a Denon 2900 (plus cash) or a nice 2 channel amp etc. let me know what you have.

Steve Stogel

Supporting Actor
Jul 19, 2000

Ah, the joys of this "hobby."

"Honey, do you want the good news or the bad news?"

"The good news."

"I found someone who wants the HTPC."

"What's the bad news?"

"It's gonna cost me $300 so I can get a really nice amp."

Nice looking HTPC, Andrew. Good luck selling/trading it. I just got one off of eBay for $1000, so of course you're selling yours NOW.


P.S. Of course, if you're talking about getting at least SOME cash and/or a DVD player or amp, then disregard just about the entire post (everything before "Nice looking HTPC").

Andrew Pratt

Senior HTF Member
Dec 8, 1998
Yeah I'd like to get as much cash as possible but I'm also willing to trade part way...that's not likely the smartest move given the van purchase but what can I say I'm a gear junkie:)

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