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    I have some questions regarding the mx-500 and it's macros capability. As I read it, this remote has just the 3 system wide macros buttons and 10 device macros. First question is, if I use the device macros to switch TV inputs and set video modes and such, will I be able to switch the remote to a particular mode without sending the macros? For instance, I'm watching a dvd and want to set the remote to on of my vcr's so I can start recording a program, will it automatically send the vcr device macro that I've programmed or is there a way for me to switch the remote to vcr mode and not send the vcr macro? That is without sticking my hand in front of the emitter?

    Second question is how flexible is the favorite channel macros? It sounds like they can only be programmed with the 0-9 and enter buttons of any device. If that is the case, then the third question is, can this be worked around by sacraficing two of the devices to learn codes from other devices' non numeric buttons to the numeric buttons. For example, I only have 8 devices in my system. Device 9 and 10 on the remote are unused. Let's say I want to create a macro for the dvd mode using one of the favorite channel macros to set my theater mode lighting (device 8), switch the tv display mode to movie and set the tv input. Can I program device 9 [1] button to my x-10 lighting code, [2] button to my TV display mode button, [3] to the tv input button and then use them in a macro in DVD mode? Does this make any sense? Let me know if I did not explain this clearly. It seems that if this can be made to work, I can use the favorite channel macros to do just about anything.

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    To use any of the programmed 10 device macros you hold the button down for more than 1 second for the Macro to work. If you just press it and release it, the button works as a normal Device button.

    The Favorite Channels are 5 separate pages that can be used to program individual channels (named how you like - CBS, ESPN, etc etc). You CAN use the Favorite channels to do anything you like, and you CAN use the 2 'spare' devices for macros as you have stated.

    Basically when I got mine, I deleted everything and started from scratch, learning all the keys from my old remotes. I have 7 devices out of the 10 available, and use the last 3 (on the Main Page) for Macros to turn systems on and off. I used the first page of the Favorite Channels menu for Macros, and the other 4 for the normal channel selections. I find I really don't use the Fav Channels much at all except for Macros.

    You can use the 0-9 buttons, Enter, Display, Power, System Off and Info/Pause buttons in your Fav Channel Macros. If you learn codes from your original remote into any of those buttons, they can be included in your Macro.

    There is a good forum over at Remote Central:
    -oops I see your post there so you obviously know about the site

    Overall I give this remote a 9.5. Didn't need the 700 which programs to/from a PC. The new 600 will do the same for less cash than the 700, but the 500 does just what I require.[​IMG]

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