HTIB - Kenwood 504 vs 504DV? Need Help ASAP

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    My inlaws are looking for a HTIB setup. They are not too upto date on how this stuff works and time is short so no time to explain to them what they need.

    They've decided on a HTIB and don't want to spend too much.

    I've searched and everyone talks about the Kenwood 504 system, yet there are 2 listed. A 504 and a 504DV.

    The difference seems to be a CD player, well thats one exspensive CD player at 300 dollars.

    They already have a Toshiba 36" TV and a Toshiba DVD player, I forget the model but it has optical outs and all that.

    Whats the better setup, the 504 or 504DV, I'm assuming there is more than just the CD player which is different. Save the 300 on the cheaper 504 and buy a nice 150 dolar sub?

    They want to spend around 600 dollars not including shipping or taxes, they are going to Best Buy of all places to check them out and I'm trying to save them some money and get them something decent before they go and spend money on something really crappy.


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    The HTB-504DV has a 5-disc dvd changer, that is the only difference I think. Get the HTB504, go to and and print the price out, then go to Sears and get an internet price match. Sears should price match one of the two prices. Then get a Panasonic or Toshiba 5 disc dvd changer(if they want one).

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