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    X-Men 1.5

    Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
    Year: 2000
    Rated: PG-13
    Film Length: 104 minutes
    Aspect Ratio: 16X9 Enhanced Widescreen (2.35:1)
    Subtitles: English & French

    Trust a few. Fear the rest.

    The X-Men were a really different sort of
    Super Hero group that got their start in September
    of 1963. Stan Lee had originally planned to call
    this group "The Mutants" but later settled on the
    name "X-Men" because it had a special unknown feel
    to the name. This series followed the adventures
    of five young Super Heroes: Cyclops, Angel, Iceman,
    Beast and Marvel Girl. The group was headed up by
    their wheelchair-bound telepathic mentor, Professor
    Charles Xavier. They were people just like everyone
    else, who happened to be born with an extra abilities.
    Though it was an innovative idea, the comic book was
    not an immediate success. Around 1975, the title was
    revived with new characters and by the 1990s, THE
    UNCANNY X-MEN had become Marvel’s number-one seller.


    When fans originally learned that there would be
    a film made based on their favorite X-Men
    heroes, there was much concern -- especially for
    the fact that it was being directed by Bryan Singer
    (The Usual Suspects), who never read a single X-MEN
    comic before embarking on the project. Would Singer
    successfully be able to do justice to a concept that
    had millions of fans? This was the most difficult
    task facing director who was about to produce a
    $70 million blockbuster film for the studio. In a
    compromised decision that pleased both studio chiefs
    and fans, the film focuses on a portion of the
    characters and feats that have been chronicled in
    four decades' worth of comics.


    So what characters would be chosen to make up the
    list of good guys vs. bad guys? On the good guys
    side we find Cyclops (James Marsden), who fires
    destructive blasts from his eyes; Storm (Halle
    Berry), a beautiful white-haired woman able to
    control all weather elements; Jean Grey (Famke
    Janssen), a telekinetic doctor; Rogue (Anna Paquin),
    who can absorb the life-force of another person
    through touch; and Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), a
    mysterious man with keen animal senses, the
    ability to heal himself, and equipped with razor-
    sharp metal claws that pop out of his hands. This
    X-Men operation is headed up by wheelchair-bound
    Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart). The bad guys
    include Magneto (Ian McKellan) and his Brotherhood
    Of Evil Mutants -- Sabretooth (Tyler Mane),
    shape-shifter Mystique (Rebecca Romijn-Stamos)
    and tongue-lashing Toad (Ray Park).

    Taking place in the not-too-distant future, we
    find that certain humans are evolving into Mutants,
    finding themselves with special and unique powers.
    This raises the concerns of many ordinary citizens,
    especially Senator Kelly (Bruce Davison) who feels
    that the Mutant population is dangerous. He is
    pushing for a law that requires all Mutants to be
    identified and registered.


    Enter Rogue, a frightened teenage runaway who has
    discovered her Mutant powers that absorb the essence
    of other human beings. She has nearly killed her
    very first boyfriend, and now finds herself on the
    run and seeking shelter. When she happens to come
    upon a bar, she meets Wolverine, an abrasive loner
    who has no recollection of his past or how he came
    to have razor-sharp claws that pop out of his hands.
    When these newly acquainted Mutants fall under
    attack in the Canadian wilderness by Magneto's
    henchmen, they are rescued by the "X-Men" and
    taken to Xavier's stronghold, where they are
    offered an opportunity for a better life in a
    school for the gifted. Meanwhile, Magneto and
    his henchmen -- Sabretooth, Toad and Mystique are
    plotting to turn the world’s leaders into mutants
    using an elaborate mechanical device hidden inside
    the Statue of Liberty’s torch.

    X-MEN managed to pull off the impossible.
    Fans were mostly pleased that Director Bryan Singer
    and Producer Tom DeSanto had remained generally
    faithful to the original comics. Of course, the
    movie introduced the comic book legends to a
    legion of new fans who readily embraced the film
    and helped pave the way for more Marvel-based films
    like Spider-Man and The Hulk.

    The original DVD release vs.1.5

    From the moment the original DVD was released
    in November 2000, fans were upset over the fact that
    they were not given a longer Director's cut. At
    the time, we were told that while the studio had
    been working closely with Bryan Singer on the
    project, that there was a rush to get such a DVD
    out to consumers.

    Many fans of the film have been hoping for a
    totally re cut directors version. One of the
    earliest rumors was that not only would we be
    getting a brand new film with the deleted footage
    cut back in, but new footage would be shot and
    intercut into the original film, tying us in with
    the upcoming X-MEN 2 story line.

    This brand-new X-MEN 1.5 release is quite
    disappointing for fans in that it doesn't live up
    to its original hopes and anticipations. There
    is no newly-shot footage here. While there is
    an enhanced viewing mode that allows viewers
    to branch off and watch deleted scenes, these
    scenes are not presented anamorphic, resulting in
    sudden picture ratio shift.

    There have also been a few extras dropped that
    were in the original DVD release. At a glance I
    see the The Charlie Rose Show interview with
    Bryan Singer was dropped as well as a FOX TV

    So why am I still excited about this new DVD
    release? In addition to the inclusion of a
    commentary by Bryan Singer, there are these really
    terrific production pieces that you can branch
    off to while watching the film. I'll talk more
    about these features in a moment.


    X-MEN 1.5 arrives as a brand new 2-disc
    Special Edition. The slick new packaging is
    quite attractive with its black box, red and
    silver highlighting, and cover that is adorned
    with X-MEN characters, Wolverine, Mystique and
    Storm. Inner packaging slides out to reveal a
    3-pane foldout that holds the 2 DVD discs in
    plastic housing and a collector's booklet (that
    was not available in this preview copy).

    How is the transfer?

    To this day, I still regard Fox's original DVD
    release of X-MEN to be the studio's finest
    transfer. This new X-MEN 1.5 is basically
    the same transfer as the original, which is just
    fine, because one shouldn't mess with perfection.

    I have always regarded the overall look of the
    X-MEN transfer as "professional." It has a
    very polished and professional feel to it. Everything
    is just perfect. Images are razor-sharp with a
    background totally free of grain and noise. Colors
    are warm, accurate and perfectly saturated. Flesh
    tones are dead-on perfect. Black levels are richly
    deep, giving this film immense texture. Night scenes
    never lose their detail nor introduce any objectionable
    blemish or artifacts. In short, this film looks like
    a fine painting from a renowned artist.


    Most welcome in this Special Edition is a brand-new
    5.1 DTS mix that is a remarkable improvement over
    the Dolby Digital mix for the fact that you can really
    sense that the sound field has been expanded upon,
    no longer sounding as compressed as the 5.1 mix did.
    This mix is extremely active, with a barrage of sounds
    hitting the viewer from every direction. Let's begin
    by talking about the excellent sound design of this
    mix. As would be expected, dialogue remains in the
    center channel, as the front channels provide clean,
    robust, full-bodied audio. Michael Kamen's score
    warmly wraps itself around the entire listening area
    with some nice additional bass support from the LFE channel.

    If you could take a look at my 3 pages of notes
    that I took while watching this DVD, you would see
    most of it is taken up by short sentences that
    describe the use of surrounds. There is so much
    surround activity going on here, and some of it
    takes full advantage of 5.1's capability to offer
    360-degree surround. Take for instance Xavier's
    whispered voice that moves around the room, circling
    the listening environment. During the Cerebro
    sequence, the room comes alive with haunting
    wraparound effects that stimulate the overall
    viewing experience. Even Toad's thrashing tongue
    offers an interesting wraparound effect that comes
    out of nowhere. Every creak, every thud, every thump
    is so well pronounced here that you'll be just
    amazed at the clarity of this DTS soundtrack. For
    me, just hearing Sabretooth's growls reach out
    across 5 channels was enough to put me in audio

    Special Features


    As you would expect, Fox has included a very loud,
    and over-the-top animated menu sequence that begins
    with the camera piercing an icy-looking Fox Logo
    and worm-holing into an electrified Main Menu
    screen. Very well done!

    Disc One contains the Main Feature. I am
    guessing that most people who are buying this set
    are already familiar with the film itself, so I
    strongly suggest on this second viewing to immediately
    go into the Special Features area and turn
    on the Enhanced Viewing Mode.


    In Enhanced Viewing Mode two symbols will
    appear throughout the movie. A forward slash inside
    a circle indicates one of 6 deleted scenes.
    Click ENTER on your remote to branch off to
    that scene. As I have mentioned previously, these
    scenes are not in anamorphic, thus you will see an
    annoying shift in aspect ratio. The deleted scenes
    aren't particularly great, comprising mostly of
    material that slows down the overall pace of the
    film. There's more material at Xavier's school
    that covers the children being taught physics and
    shop as well as short dialogues between Xavier and
    Doctor Grey concerning her wants to expand her
    own powers. Most of this is just mere extensions
    of scenes that already exist.


    What I really enjoyed were the 17 production pieces
    that are scattered throughout the film. These raw
    video pieces really give the viewer an intimate look
    at what went on behind-the-scenes. Some of the
    production material includes...

    * A large cast of extras assemble for the film's
    opening march that takes place in a Poland camp.
    We watch actors being fitted for wardrobe and having
    their heads shaved. Bryan Singer is shown giving
    final instructions to his cast of extras.

    * Stunt work being coordinated for the bar-room
    cage match where we are first introduced to Wolverine.

    * A wonderful little piece where on an extremely
    cold sound stage, Bruce Davison belts out a little
    sailor's ditty to the amusement of Rebecca Romijn-

    * We watch Bruce Davison, just having escaped his
    imprisonment, hanging from a wall constructed on
    a large sound stage. Bryan Singer gives him
    instructions on how to better his reactions.

    * My favorite moment: Bryan Singer taking some
    time out on location to talk with a very inquisitive
    little boy. It shows just how warm an individual
    this director is.

    * Crew putting together final touches on a model
    of New York City that the X-MEN use as their point
    of attack diagram.

    * Really cool look at the filming of the movie's
    final suspended prison scene where Xavier and
    Magneto play a game of chess and exchange words.

    There really is a wealth of production material here,
    all of it cleverly placed at the exact point in
    the film that you would want to see it. Those
    watching X-MEN for a second time will find
    this new Enhanced Viewing Mode an exciting,
    new theatrical experience.

    Also new to this Special Edition is a full-length
    commentary from Director Bryan Singer who
    is a bit uncomfortable doing these sort of things
    so has asked friend Brian Peck to help him out.
    It's interesting to note that the Press release
    I received notes that actors Patrick Stewart, Ian
    McKellan and Hugh Jackman are involved in the
    commentary, but they are absent here. Brian begins
    by talking a little about the true genre of this
    film which is science fiction rather than a goofy
    cartoonish film. Singer states that it was very
    important for him to make this film as serious as
    possible as not to insult the comic book fans who
    have taken things even more seriously. Singer
    readily admits that he was never a fan of comic
    books nor did he read the X-MEN comic prior
    to the film, but he has always wanted to make a
    movie in the science-fiction/fantasy genre. It
    was actually producer Tom DeSanto that brought the
    project to Bryan Singer and set up a meeting with
    the folks at Marvel comics. When Stan Lee showed
    up at the initial meeting, everyone hit it off very
    well. For a director that initially admits he was
    nervous about doing a commentary, he warms up to
    it very quickly, giving us an endless excited ramble
    that is very interesting to hear. Scene by scene,
    Singer dissects everything that is happening not
    only on screen, but behind-the-scenes as well,
    pointing out some of the interesting cameos. Some
    great stories are told here including the fact
    that another actor was slated to play the part of
    Wolverine, but when he was suddenly lost to another
    picture due to scheduling conflict, Hugh Jackman
    was flown in from Australia and immediately given
    the role. Another story involves the contact lenses
    that Tyler Mane (SyberTooth) wore that made him
    go completely blind for a day, resulting in enormous
    pain and bandages that had to be worn around his
    head. What about the scene where the Senator faces
    Magneto just before coming "mutated"? Bryan talks
    about how it was shot totally outdoors at a park
    in Toronto on a very cold night. Couldn't have that
    been that bad for the director as Rebecca Romijn-
    Stamos was totally naked on the set during the shoot.
    Singer fondly talks about his obsession for circles
    and tube-like objects, many of which you see
    throughout the movie. During this commentary, Bryan
    gives us many hints as to what you can expect in
    X-Men 2, especially when it comes to the
    characters and many set designs that will be re-used
    and touched up for the sequel. You can tell by the
    amount of material I have covered here that I just
    thoroughly enjoyed listening to this commentary.
    Bryan Singer is just a joy to listen to, and Brian
    Peck is just so familiar with the material that he
    acts as a great moderator. Well worth a listen!


    Let's go on to Disc Two that begins with
    a really cool introduction by Bryan Singer, standing
    on the set of X-Men 2. You have to hand it
    Bryan who admits he isn't fond of putting out a DVD
    for the second time (wish the studios share that
    philosophy), but feels that fans will enjoy the
    extra material here. I won't spoil what happens
    next, but Singer does something rather special with
    a brass band, giving an added touch in introducing
    this Special Edition.


    There are a handful of new featurette pieces
    presented here, all with the ability to branch off
    to related additional materials. You have the
    option of turning on the branching or accessing
    the material through indexes on a menu.


    The Uncanny Suspects primarily deals
    with the cast and characters they portray. It
    humorously begins with Patrick Stewart, Ian
    McKellan, Hugh Jackman, James Marsden, Bruce
    Davisen and Halle Berry (and just about the
    rest of the cast) all admitting that they came
    into the project not knowing a thing about the
    comic book. Producer Ralph Winter gives a lot
    of credit to Singer's ability to be very thorough
    with the logic that is presented in this film and
    being very careful to deal with his material in
    a very intelligent manner so that the film serves
    the most loyal fans, even though Singer didn't come
    out of that type of audience. Bryan talks a little
    about the blessings and curses that make up each
    mutant character as the actors who portray these
    characters give their own individual insights.
    Hugh Jackman talks about the responsibilities (and
    honor) of playing a character like Wolverine who
    is such a hero to so many people. Halle Berry
    was just overwhelmed by being part of a film with
    such extensive visual effects and stunt work. You
    can see how elaborate this production was as we
    go behind-the-camera and watch many of the exhausting
    hours put into this film. There are so many
    characters here and so much activity going on the
    set at one time, but within it all, this featurette
    reveals that there was a real bonding between
    the ensemble, despite the fact that there have been
    stories to the contrary.
    (length: approx. 24 minutes)

    In case you chose not to enable the branching
    sequences, a separate menu lets you access Hugh
    Jackman's first reading and screen test

    alongside Anna Paquin.


    A Character Gallery contains what seems
    to be dozens upon dozens of original concept
    drawings for the X-MEN characters.


    A Production Diary Scrapbook is a raw,
    fly-on-the-wall look at the daily grinds of
    producing a movie. From production meetings,
    studio exec tours of the film's set, designing
    Xavier's wheelchair to scouting out film locales
    (in a pre-9/11 NYC), this featurette is pretty
    damn cool. One of my favorite moments is watching
    Singer take a tour of the Statue of Liberty,
    vocally planning out the film's action sequences
    as he goes along. Intertwined with this raw footage
    is some interesting interviews with the actors,
    particularly McKellen and Stewart who seemingly
    complain about the director's inexperience. Some
    cool stuff to look at here, including how debris
    was dumped on waiting passengers on a train station
    set while Sabretooth is flown on wires, giving the
    illusion he is knocked into a back wall. This
    diary ends on the film's scoring stage where a
    near-panicked Bryan Singer has just learned that
    Fox has pushed up the release date on the film.
    (length: approx. 63 minutes)

    In case you chose not to enable the branching
    sequences, a separate menu lets you access
    multi-angle presentations of 4 different
    camera shots from the Train Splitting
    sequence, and two camera shots from the Fight
    between Hugh Jackman and Tyler Mane.

    Finally, The Prime Minister of Canada makes
    a visit to the set. There's not much for us to
    see here and once you blink, it's all over.

    X Factor: The Look of the X-Men introduces
    us to makeup supervisor Gordon Smith, who talks of
    the importance of properly replicating the exact
    look of the original comic characters through
    both make-up and wardrobe. Hugh Jackman talks
    about the small hairpiece appliances that were
    attached to his sideburn and cheek areas to give
    him a more "feral" look. We watch in amazement
    as Tyler Mane sits in a make-up chair having a
    wig, make-up and prosthetics added in order to
    turn him into a believable Sabretooth mutant. The
    beautiful Rebecca Romijn-Stamos talks about having
    to sit through 7-8 hours of make-up. Two-thirds
    of her body were covered with prosthetic scales
    (over 100 in all), which were very thin and moved
    quite well with her own natural movements. Though
    it wasn't uncomfortable for her to wear the thin-
    layered suit, it did require a high amount of
    maintenance once it was put on. As this featurette
    comes to a close, we once again learn the importance
    of costuming, trying to make this film as serious
    as it can be, rather than having it filled with
    goofy-looking red and yellow spandex characters.
    (length: approx. 22 minutes)

    In case you chose not to enable the branching
    sequences, a separate menu lets you access costume
    for Cyclops and Storm as well as Toad's
    Make-up Test

    An Image Gallery contains what must be well
    over 100 still images divided into categories,
    Hardware, Magneto, Locations and Xavier's


    The Visual Effects of The X-Men introduce
    us to Effects Supervisor Michael Fink who immediately
    sets the record straight on what his job entails, and
    that is, coming up with creative ideas for sequences
    that will tell a story. We are taken on a sound stage
    where effects people are working on the sequence
    involving Magneto's mutating machine that is located
    in the torch of Lady Liberty. Next, we learn how
    3D geometric computer animation contributed to
    Mystique's shape-shifting. My favorite portion of
    this featurette was watching how through movie set
    and animated computer processes, effects work was
    put together for Cyclop's disastrous laser eye
    blast. Really good stuff here!
    (length: approx. 17 minutes)

    In case you chose not to enable the branching
    sequences, a separate menu lets you access the
    Effects breakdown for Senator Kelly as
    well as multi-angle short featurettes that give
    you an animatic film and composite
    of the following sequences: Liberty
    Head, Toad vs. Jean Grey, Wolverine vs. Mystique

    and Wolverine vs. Sabretooth.

    Reflection of the X-Men reveals how uncertain
    the filmmakers were about how successful this film
    would be -- especially for the fact that Fox
    unexpectedly pushed back the release date and there
    was just so much effects work to be completed. After
    shooting for 5 1/2 months, most of the cast thought
    they were complete nuts for doing this film,
    expecting the film to be a flop. Of course, history
    proved X-Men to be one of the most successful
    films of its kind.
    (length: approx. 8 minutes)

    In case you chose not to enable the branching
    sequences, a separate menu lets you access the
    Ellis Island Premiere as well as Premieres
    Around The World

    In Marketing The X-Men, we get 3 original
    film trailers
    , 9 TV Spots and 9 Internet

    Now....let's look ahead....


    Want to see a bit of X-Men 2? Well, let's
    begin with director Bryan Singer taking us on a tour
    of the film's set. In a videotaped interview,
    Hugh Jackman talks about how the bar has been raised
    on this new film's special effects. Patrick Stewart
    teases us about a "very dramatic incident in
    Washington D.C." (the mutants must have agreed on
    Health Care reform no doubt). We see quick glimpses
    of production on the film intertwined with final
    footage. Perhaps the best part of all this is watching
    the film's teaser trailer that comes at the very end, warning us, "A War has begun."
    (length: approx. 8 minutes)

    Finally, a trailer for the upcoming movie,
    Daredevil is included.

    Final Thoughts


    The big question to many of you who already own
    the original DVD release is whether it is worth
    purchasing X-MEN 1.5. The bad news is that
    this is certainly not the Special Edition that
    we all had been hoping for. I would have preferred
    branching with deleted scenes that were presented
    in anamorphic, allowing a more seamless way of
    watching the film. How about a full-blown director's
    cut? There are so many other things that could
    have made this Special Edition an easy sell.

    Still, I must say that I very much enjoyed watching
    this film in a more aggressive 5.1 DTS environment
    while going through the really cool production
    features that are branched off throughout the film.

    It is my guess that once again deadlines had to
    be met in order to get this DVD product out before
    the May 3rd arrival of X-MEN 2. Because of
    the limited time Bryan Singer had to the production
    of this DVD, I doubt he had the opportunity to do
    much more with it.

    Tell you what. If you are still undecided, let me
    give you a little incentive to buy this set....

    The DVD also contains a Movie Money coupon worth up
    to $12 for admission to Daredevil starring
    Ben Affleck, or X-Men 2

    There you go. Sold!

    Release Date: February 11, 2003

    All screen captures have been further compressed.
    They are for illustrative purposes only and do not
    represent actual picture quality
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    I would've liked to see the FOX special and the Bryan Singer/Charlie Rose clips make it to the disc, but I'm pretty much sold with your review. For the fact that you could probably pick the DVD up for $15 on release date at Best Buy and you get a free movie ticket to Daredevil or X2, how could anybody honestly go wrong? [​IMG]
  3. Peter Overduin

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    I am even more ambivalent about this purchase - even not having the first one, however, the movie coupon would do it; if it is redeemable in Canada as well.

    Ron - could you please elaborate a bit on the coupon use? Thx
  4. Dan Rudolph

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    I guess I'll be adding this to my old one rather than replacing it as I don't want to lose my Mutant Watch special. Odd it wouldn't be on this release as I doubt they packd so much on that they didn't have room for another 20 min on disc 2. The movie cash sold me on this set.
  5. Malcolm R

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    It's becoming wearisome that DVD production more and more seems to be inextricably tied to some "carved in stone" production date, rather than taking whatever time is necessary to really do justice to the film itself, its creators, and its fans.
  6. Carlo Medina

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    Well, this won't be the first time I've double dipped for a movie...thanks for the in-depth review, Ron! You've helped me make my decision to repurchase and keep the original DVD!
  7. Ronald Epstein

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    Ronald Epstein
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    Thanks for the review Ron!

    I already have the first 2 disc set and won't be buying this. It might be worth a rental for the special features, but the non-anamorphic tie ins I find fairly pathetic. I mean in LOTR:EE ALL of the documentaries are anamorphic. O well... perhaps they will release a 3rd version of this sometime near when X2 hits shelves...
  9. Jordan_E

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    Ron, I think I'll need a permission slip from you to get this movie! My wife already gave me the "well, you just couldn't wait" on various double dipped titles, and my response has always been "but it's in DTS this time!" That one is starting to wear a little thin! [​IMG]
  10. Rocky F

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    Yeah, my wife is also giving me grief for wanting to double dip, but for me this is a must have. I am still trying to decide what to do with my original copy, that is why I was so impatient for this review. The Mutant Watch special wasn't all that impressive to me, but it was the closest thing to any BTS footage on the first disc. I really do like the still galleries on this, (which I usually don't care alot for) so I'm looking forward to more of those. If the Spiderman easter egg is there, than I can probably get rid of the old one. But I'll probably give it to either my father-in-law or brother- in-law, because they both live nearby and I could always borrow it back if I really decide I have to watch Mutant Watch or the Charle Rose interview again.
  11. Neil Joseph

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    Neil Joseph
    Thanks for the indepth review Ron. I probably will be getting this for the extra material and the dts soundtrack.
  12. David Rogers

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    Extremely awesome disc review Ron.

    That's the disc I wanted in the first place. /rude Fox! /cheer Singer!
  13. Declan

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    I would get it for the DTS track. But my REAL hope for this disc was that it would have some new footage or at least incorporate the deleted scenes into it and have them looking and sounding as good as the main feature. Alas Fox have'nt done this and we are a little over 4 months away from X2 to be relased so I if they wanted to bring out the 1.5 version before x2 they could have (and should have) gotten the deleted scenes up to scratch in the a/v dept.
    I'll get this version. But i'm in no rush to get it at the min. Now if Fox would have done what all the fans of the movie have been expecting for nearly 3 years, then I would have it on Pre-order right this second. The extras look great i'll give you that, but it was the extened version of the movie that i was really looking forward to from this release.

  14. RyanChristoffel

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    Great review! I'll definitely be getting this. I just rented the first release because I knew they were making this one. The free coupon for a movie ticket is a nice little bonus [​IMG]
  15. Ray H

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    [​IMG] I'll be sure to pick this up on relelase date! I skipped on the first one and opted for the VHS mainly because there was buzz of an SE and didn't really need an extra TV special.

    The extended version of the film seemed to be a plus to me and I would've really liked to have seen some of the deleted material edited back into the movie, but it was never necessary to me. I'm just glad to have the film and a ton of extras.
  16. Peter Overduin

    Peter Overduin Supporting Actor

    Jun 30, 1997
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    Ron; thanks.

    I suspect I'll be picking up the original; and likely at a great price after this one comes out. I had put it off, hoping this new release would have the long-rumored director's cut.

    I know from previous 'coupons,' that many theatres won't accept them in the first few weeks of release anyways, so I'll proceed on that assumption here. If anyone in Canada gets the coupon, this thread might be a good place to verify how the coupon works.
  17. Tim Glover

    Tim Glover Lead Actor

    Jan 12, 1999
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    Monroe, LA
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    Tim Glover
    Nice review Ron. I've already sold my original copy, so I HAVE to get this! [​IMG] Of course an improved soundtrack and movie ticket coupon sound good too.
  18. Joshua_Y

    Joshua_Y Screenwriter

    Dec 19, 2002
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    I dont mind upgrading cause I really dug the flick, mainly Hugh. Plus the extras sound really nice. You sold me!
  19. Steve Christou

    Steve Christou Long Member

    Apr 25, 2000
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    Manchester, England
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    Steve Christou
    Thanks for the review Ron.
    Will def be buying this, really enjoyed the movie and with a commentary and more than 2 hours of extras on disc 2... its mine.[​IMG]
  20. Stephen Orr

    Stephen Orr Screenwriter

    Mar 14, 1999
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    Definitely upgrading come Feb. 11. Greek Wedding comes out the same day, so there's something for both me AND my wife!

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