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Discussion in 'DVD' started by Michael Osadciw, Dec 9, 2003.

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    There’s A Girl In My Soup

    Studio: Columbia TriStar Home Video
    Year: 1970

    U.S. Rating: R
    Canadian Rating: PG

    Film Length: 96 minutes
    Genre: Comedy

    Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 widescreen enhanced
    Audio: English 2.0 mono
    Subtitles: English, French
    Closed Captioned
    SLP: US$24.96

    Release Date: NOW

    Peter Sellers stars with Goldie Hawn in this hilarious comedy set in the swinging ‘60s of London. Based on a play by Terence Frisby, Robert Danvers (Sellers) is a cook who knows how to add spice to his saucy life. He can have any girl he wants and all of the girls want him. He is known to have that special recipe girls desire to have, and its all done in Good Taste – his hit T.V. show of fine dining delights.

    To Robert, sex is like wine tasting. He takes the girls into his flat, swishes them around a little bit, and the spits them back out to the world. Although he doesn’t see it, he’s getting a little old for this trick. In his late 40s, he thinks he can continue living the way he does. Despite his best friend Andrew’s (Tony Britton) advice for a change in lifestyle – to seek a wife and to eventually have children – Robert’s preference is to keep living the way he does. After all, he lives very comfortable.

    But Robert’s habit may change as he meets a young girl in her late teens named Marion (Hawn). She’s standing outside for air as her wild party takes place in her basement flat. Drunk she is, and angry that her boyfriend’s sexual preference for her has been put on the backside for his roommate’s partner. She decides to leave with Robert to his love nest but his plans to seduce her do not go as planned. She knows his plan to take her but is making him work for it. Robert becomes frustrated until she gives him her consent to go any further. But this is where the mood-killer sets in – and Robert forgets the golden rule all guys should know – never ever (ever!) attempt to, or have sex with a drunk girl or expect a load full of her baggage and sorrows to spill out in her emotions and tears. So unless you want to deal with it, continue on, but Robert would rather not and puts this young confused girl to sleep.

    In a very strange turn of events, Robert decides to give this girl a chance to wise up a bit. He does not just eject her from his place the next morning. She becomes a steady fixture in his place for a little bit, and even goes with him away on business and vacation after she decided to move out of her boyfriend’s flat and break up with him. Now Robert is no longer eyeballing all of the girls just to get into their pants. He actually likes this girl and can see himself marrying her. He is not ready yet though, and must try to break the public’s thought of him already being secretly married after the media caught on to Marion’s playful suppositions of matrimony while on a getaway. But will Marion’s feelings of love for Robert stay, or will she go to her old boyfriend who is begging for her back? Robert will have to make a choice to loose Marion or to share her…and continue down the path of his old lifestyle.

    I thought this movie was very cute and had a lot of funny moments. Sellers’s performance was very amusing and so were many of the dialogue exchanges during his first night with Hawn. As Hawn’s character confesses, I can see how jealousy and hurt can find its way into swinging scene especially to those who are new to it. Sellers’s character knows best how to play it – just don’t get attached. Marion finds great difficulty in that and swings back to her old boyfriend when she thinks of him. This is a crafty little film that is plainly enjoyable. I don’t think it deserves the ‘R’ rating it got (I’m assuming during its original premier) because there really isn’t much offending in it (except for Sellers’s excessively hairy back). Even though the interior design and music has changed since this film was made, people haven’t thus if there is any lesson to be taught by this film it would still be applicable today.

    Video Quality? [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]/[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    There is a thick appearance to this DVD, and overall the image is hazy and accompanied with muted colours. Flesh tones are a hint towards being pinky-brown rather than natural looking. Given the film stock used this seems to be somewhat consistent with other lesser-profile films from the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. While the image is generally smooth due to its softer appearance, there is a fair amount of grain and dirt specs once and a while. The film is good looking despite the negatives listed above because I never found any of it too distracting. The opening ten minutes of the film revolving around the wedding are the most bothersome, but the rest of the film is quite pleasing. The DVD is widescreen enhanced and seems to be framed closer to 1.90:1. A full-screen option is also included but is not reviewed.

    Audio Quality? [​IMG] [​IMG]/[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The Dolby Digital 2.0 mono encoding shows the source to be generally clean from distracting artifacts. A little background hiss is present at louder volumes, and the audio is leaning thin sounding. This is evident in the cheesy ‘pop’ film soundtrack, as Mike D’Abo’s repetitive songs are engrained in your head with a shrill over and over throughout this film. It all sounds the same to me… Dialogue is always intelligible so you’ll never miss any witty comment. Very delightful.

    Special Features? zero/[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    There are theatrical trailers on this disc, but there isn’t one for this movie. So thumbs down for features.


    I did enjoy this movie. This is a fine presentation for video that only HD can make better. This is a bare-bones release, but do we need special features for this movie? I don’t think so. I enjoyed it just the way it was. This film did have many funny moments and it’s worth checking out if you’ve never seen it before.

    Michael Osadciw
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    Just watched this film last night and I agree with the reviewer. The ending reminded me of another Sellers movie, Waltz Of The Toreadors. He loses the girl and is devastated...until a new distraction comes along.

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