HTF REVIEW: "The Survivors" (with screenshots)

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    The Survivors

    Sonny Paluso (Walter Matthau) and Donald
    Quinelle (Robin Williams) are having a bad
    day that is about to get worse. You see,
    Sonny just lost his gas station in an accidental
    explosion and Donald was just fired by the
    boss's parrot.
    The two meet quite accidently in a bar right
    before a masked robber (Jerry Reed) storms in
    and holds the company hostage. Though Sonny
    and Donald foil the robbery plans, they also
    get a good look at the robber's face as he makes
    his escape.
    Unfortunately, days later Jack sees Donald's face
    on television and decides to go after him. As
    Donald heads for the snowy mountains to learn how
    to survive, Sonny must warn him his life is in danger.
    Although The Survivors pairs two of
    cinema's oldest and newest funnymen (Matthau
    and Williams), the film isn't very funny.
    Matthau retains his signature grumpy old man
    persona while William's talent is wasted as
    he babbles and whines throughout the film.
    How is the transfer?
    Actually, this is one of Columbia's best
    catalog transfers I have seen lately.
    Picture is virtually free of any type of
    video noise. The transfer remains extremely
    clear with very little blemish from the original
    The 16x9 enhanced widescreen (1.85:1) transfer
    shows brilliant color clarity in its day lit
    scenes. A yellow taxi cab or a fruit stand with
    its deep red apples stand out brilliantly. In
    some of the darker scenes, the picture doesn't
    lose any of its clarity nor gain any additional
    video noise. A night scene featuring Jerry Reed
    standing outside of a taxi cab in the pouring rain
    looks amazingly crisp and detailed.
    I'm just not used to seeing many DVD transfers
    from this time period that look this good.
    Presented in mono sound, the audio sounds a
    bit flat rather than robust.
    Special Features
    In addition to the film's original theatrical
    trailer, there are also trailers for The
    Big Hit and Jawbreaker.
    Someone will also be happy to know that subtitles
    are available in English, French, Spanish, Chinese,
    Portuguese, Korean and Thai.
    Final Thoughts
    One would think that pairing talents like
    Matthau and Williams together would make for
    a hilarious film. Nothing could be further from
    the truth. The Survivors can only be
    described as a mildly entertaining film that
    wears out its welcome before the film is halfway
    Those who grew up with this film will have more
    of an interest in it than today's more demanding
    generation. In this case, fans will be particularly
    happy that the transfer is top-notch.
    Release Date: April 23, 2002
  2. Blu

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    I enjoyed this film. For the time it was made it really lampooned the 80's survivalist movement. It really had some very funny moments.
  3. Andy Sheets

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    Got to disagree strongly about the movie not being that funny as it's always been one of my favorite Robin Williams movies. Glad it looks good, though. I need more comedies in my collection [​IMG]
  4. Scott Weinberg

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    Solid review as always Ronbo. I'm a BIG fan of this particular flick, although I can certainly see how anyone seeing it for the first time may not be as impressed.
    Much like you mention in your final comments, this one's a childhood favorite for me...much like another movie you loved (Seems Like Old Times). [​IMG]
    Incidentally, I think it's great that you take the time to review the "smaller" DVD releases!

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