HTF REVIEW: "The Son's Room" (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) (with screenshots)

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    Ronald Epstein

    The Son's Room

    Studio: Miramax
    Year: 2001
    Rated: R
    Film Length: 92 minutes
    Aspect Ratio: 16X9 Enhanced Widescreen (1.66:1)
    Subtitles: English captions

    I am always looking at a stack of unfamiliar
    DVD titles, wondering what title I should review
    next. I chose The Son's Room simply because
    it was a Best Picture winner at the Canne's Film
    Festival. After just finishing this movie, I don't
    think I could have made a better viewing selection.
    Nanni Moretti (Director of the film) plays Giovanni,
    a psychoanalyst living in a coastal Italian city with
    two attractive, levelheaded teenage children Irene
    (Jasmine Trinca) and Andrea (Giuseppe Sanfelice) and
    a beautiful wife, Paola (Laura Morante). There's
    a real sense of love and normalcy within in this
    family, and for the most part, everyone seems happy
    Giovanni is the force that binds his well-adjusted
    family together. He has a way of keeping a calm
    amongst those around him -- specifically his many
    troubled patients that speak cataclysmically of
    suicide and murder.
    Suddenly, this harmonious family's life is changed
    when son Andrea is killed in a diving accident.
    There's a touching scene where Giovanni walks
    into a school gym to deliver the bad news to his
    daughter. There, on the basketball court, her
    daughter only has to stop and look into her father's
    tear-soaked eyes to see that something is terribly
    wrong. The family descends into a toxin of grief.
    Paola weeps out aloud in her bed. Giovanni's sorrow
    infects his therapy sessions, spoiling his judgment.
    He is a damaged man striving to mend the pain of
    others while dealing with his own.
    The Son's Room tells the story of its family's
    shared road to recovering from tragedy, or at the
    very least, acknowledging the fact that they must
    somehow move on. It moves along with a very deep
    and calming effect, managing to touch you with its
    innermost emotions.
    How is the transfer?
    I would have given this transfer more praise if
    not for the fact that there is a noticeable amount
    of noise that shows up in the white walls and dark
    clothing. It's just enough to be bothersome.
    Picture is not overly sharp nor detailed, though
    colors do manage to come off looking very natural.
    One of the color highlights of this film is watching
    a grieving Giovanni walk through a carnival, with
    its kaleidoscope of colors.
    The Italian Dolby Digital surround track doesn't
    add anything to the viewing experience. Most of
    the sound's energy is focused to the center channel
    which bleeds to the front channels. The rears don't
    really come into play other than throwing some of
    the film's musical score into their respective
    channels. Still, the overall quality of sound is
    very good. This is just one of those films where
    sound really doesn't play an important role.
    Special Features
    This is not a feature-rich DVD package -- and that's
    fine by me, because it's actually the film that
    holds its purchase value. In addition to the
    film's original theatrical trailer, there
    are trailers for other Miramax titles including
    Amelie, Children Of Heaven and In The
    Final Thoughts
    I am giving The Son's Room my coveted
    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED status. I do so for two
    reasons....first, it's just one of those films
    that took me by total surprise, drawing me into
    its innards and touching me emotionally. Second,
    I realize how hard it is to sell foreign film to
    members of this forum. It is my hopes that by
    recommending this film people will at the very
    least decide to rent it. I don't think anyone
    that sees it will walk away unmoved.
    Release Date: October 8, 2002
  2. Marc Colella

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    Thanks for the review Ron.
    I've been interested in this flim for some time now, and come next month I'll (at the very least) give this a rental.
    I hope this means we'll be seeing more DVD reviews of foreign films in the future. [​IMG]
  3. Rain

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  4. ThomasC

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    Dec 15, 2001
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    i'm pretty sure this is the first i've heard of this film, but i'm definitely going to see this when it hits the street. thanks for your review, ron.
  5. Richard Travale

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    Rich Travale
    my video store is usually pretty good about getting foreign films on DVD which is good because thanks to this review, I will definitely be giving this one a rental.
  6. Brook K

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    Feb 22, 2000
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    I saw this in the theater and like Ron says, it is a moving experience to say the least.

    Very happy to see you reviewing foreign films, Ron.

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