HTF REVIEW: "The Man Who Loved Women"

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    The Man Who Loved Women

    I want my wasted 2 hours of my life back!
    With the stack of screeners I have sitting
    here to review this week, I don't know what
    made me want to watch this one. Perhaps it
    was the fact that a movie which paired
    Burt Reynolds and Julie Andrews
    seemed like an interesting watch. In actuality,
    this was the most painful torture I have ever
    had to sit through.
    David Fowler (Burt Reynolds) is a Los Angeles
    sculptor and Playboy who has come to his mid-life
    crisis. It's hard to believe this man is having
    a crisis as he's constantly seducing one woman
    after another. These are beautiful women like
    Agnes (Marilu Henner) and Louise (Kim Basinger).
    What more could a guy want?
    The problem, it seems, is that David's insatiable
    hunger for the opposite sex combined with his desperate
    inner struggle, lands him on the psychiatrist's
    couch. Enter Marianna (Julie Andrews), his gentle
    and understanding shrink whom David reveals all his
    intimate secrets to.
    From the talented Director Blake Edwards (10, The
    Pink Panther films) comes this extremely lame 1983
    comedy that has not one laugh nor any bit of chemistry
    amongst its actors and actresses. I have yet to sit
    through a comedy like this where I couldn't wait for
    the ending credits and they just didn't arrive soon
    The DVD is presented in a digitally mastered
    two-sided widescreen (1.85:1) and Full Screen version.
    Overall, the transfer looks adequate. My problem
    was that some scenes generally looked quite good
    with nice bright colors (such as a beautiful pink
    dress against a black granite sculpture) and others
    had excessive graininess with dulled colors. I
    suppose what I am saying is that this transfer is
    very uneven.
    The sound is mono and sounds good for what it is.
    There are no extras on this DVD, not even a trailer.
    Final Thoughts
    This is a no-brainer. Not even worth your rental
    money. This was probably the most unenjoyable 2
    hours I have spent in front of my television in
    quite some time.
    Release Date: January 29, 2002
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    Check out the Truffaut original if you want to appreciate how bad this remake really is, and also straighten the scales by seeing a pretty good film.
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    Excuse me,

    I really gotta take a swim.

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