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HTF REVIEW: "The Majestic" (with screenshots) (1 Viewer)

Ronald Epstein

Senior HTF Member
Jul 3, 1997
Real Name
Ronald Epstein

The Majestic

Studio: Warner Brothers
Year: 2001
Rated: PG
Film Length: 152 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 16X9 Enhanced Widescreen (1.85:1)

"We were young we were in love and
we were working in pictures. Life is Good!"

Peter Appleton (Jim Carrey) is a writer working
in Hollywood during the 1950's, writing such
B-grade movies as ""Sand Pirates Of The Sahara",
which is enjoying its premier at Graumans Chinese
Theater. It's also a time of Senator Joseph McCarthy's
investigation into House Un-American activities in Hollywood.

Appleton is at the top of his world, but that
world soon comes crumbling down when he is suddenly
named as a member of the Communist Party. Depressed
after he is suspended from his job, Peter goes for a
drive and accidentally crashes off a bridge and into
a raging river.

When Peter is finally found lying on a beach, he
has no memory of his former existence. He is walked
into town where he receives medical attention.
Everyone that he meets finds him familiar, but it
is Harry Trimble (Martin Landau)who recognizes him
as his long lost son, Luke Trimble, who was thought
lost in World War II.

Peter...er, Luke accepts the town accepting him as
Luke Trimble. After all, no other memory of his
life exists. He becomes reacquainted with Adele
Stanton (Laurie Holden), who was engaged to be
married to Luke when he returned home from the war.
Harry Trimble takes his new-found son home to an
apartment located above a run-down movie theater
called The Majestic. Harry talks his son into
helping him revive the theater. With the help of
Peter, Irene the candy lady (Susan Willis), and
Emmett the usher (Gerry Black). The town feels a
new sense of hope but the past soon catches up
with Peter as his memory slowly comes back and
very important men are hot on his trail.

From Frank Darabont, Director of The Green Mile,
comes another wonderfully warm movie that uses the
nostalgia of a small town in the early 50s to create
a beautiful community of people that the audience
instantly snugs up to -- so much so, that the effects
of events on the lives of these characters are so
heartwarmingly felt by the audience as well.
This is a wonderful movie that often gets sappy,
though it is easily forgiven for the absolute
superb performance by Jim Carrey.
How is the transfer?
Warner Brothers again produces a crisp and detailed
transfer that brings out the warmth of the film.
While flesh tones tend to run a little red, it's
the colors of The Majestic's neon lights that are a
treat to behold. When those neons light up, you
will too, as your mouth will drop at all the wonderful
colors that peak out of the transfer.
The 5.1 Dolby Digital mix is adequate given the
nature of this film. The rears are used only to
supplement Mark Isham's beautiful score, as well
as the occasional effect noises of a thunderstorm,
underwater escape, court room crowd or the sound
from inside a train. Take note that there is some
very strong LFE activity for the subwoofer which
rumbled many times during the film's more active
Special Features
I am surprised that a film that received
such critical acclaim doesn't get a total
red carpet treatment on DVD.
There is no commentary and no featurettes
on the making of this film included.
What is included...
There are no less than seven deleted scenes
included on this DVD. Some of these include:
* Peter arriving at the studio gate only to
receive an unruly welcome from the security guard.
* After his studio desk is cleared, Peter goes
to talk to the boss but gets headed off.
* Doc discusses Luke's amnesia with Harry, telling
him to gently reintroduce Luke back to his
surroundings, hoping his memory will be jogged.
* Luke's first walk-through of The Majestic lobby,
as he confusingly tries to figure out if any of
it looks familiar.
* Adele having a hiccup fit outside of a train
station after learning about the reappearance of
A very interesting addition, Sand Pirates of
the Sahara, the movie within a movie, is
presented here in its complete sequence.
(length: approx 4.5 minutes)
The Hollywood Blacklist is explored in
a few pages of text that describe the American
government's shift of focus to the threat of
communism, shortly after World War II. We
learn exactly who the targeted "Hollywood Ten"
were and how that lead to more than 300 writers,
directors and actors losing work in Hollywood
because they were alleged as being communists.
A very extensive Cast Filmography is
included for such a wonderful troupe of actors.
Clicking on each name brings up an extensive list
of their resumes.
Finally, the film's original theatrical
trailer is included.
Final Thoughts

I love it when I find that needle in a haystack,
or rather a movie amongst others that takes me
by surprise and leaves me smiling thanks to the
warm glow within me.
Worth a purchase!
Release Date: June 18, 2002

Jay W

Supporting Actor
Oct 5, 1999
Nice review Ron, admist all the harsh comments this movie got mainly because of the 'schmaltz' factor, I rather enjoyed it. One of my favorite movies of last year, I urge people who haven't seen it to at least give it a rent.

Eric Peterson

Senior HTF Member
Aug 2, 2001
Real Name
Eric Peterson
Thanks for the review Ron. This title was riding the buy it/don't buy it fence. I loved the movie in the theatre and was surprised that it didn't do better box office. It looks like I'll be picking this one up.

Nick Graham

Oct 16, 2001
Definitely buying this one. Strange that the people who ripped this great film for it's "sappiness" and "melodrama"
are the same critics who never took "important" movies like "Saving Private Ryan" to task for their abundance of oversweetened maple syrup. (And before I get flamed, note that on SPR I am referring to the nauseating bookend sequences, not the brilliant film that played in between them). Even if you are deluded enough to base whether or not you see a movie based on a "pro" critics opinion, at least give this film a rental. It's worth a viewing just for the performances, and Laurie Holden, who is one of those actresses that is so hot she can reduce you to the state of a slobbering dog within 30 seconds of screen time.

Stu Rosen

Second Unit
Jan 27, 1999
The film was far from critically acclaimed. In fact, I can hardly remember any review by any respected critic who didn't savage it (I didn't see it).

Kenny Goldin

Second Unit
Sep 3, 2000
Anotehr solid review, Ron! I love Jim Carey in these types of roles rahter than the flat-out slpastick comedy (though I did enjoy The Cable Guy). This is one I am definitly picking up...:emoji_thumbsup:


Second Unit
Aug 24, 2001
thanks ron for the great review as always. I'm for sure going to preorder and buy this movie :)

Tom Rags

Supporting Actor
Apr 4, 2001
This was one of my favorite movies of last year. I think that people were a bit harsh on this movie since it starred Jim Carrey and it came out in the 21st Century. Had this movie starred Jimmy Stewart and come out in 1950, it would have been considered a classic. It is a great throwback movie that is definately worth a purchase.

Frank Anderson

Senior HTF Member
Jun 7, 1999
I been trying to watch my sight-unseen purchases but this sounds like I might have to pick it up. Thanks Ron


Stunt Coordinator
Nov 16, 2000
Great review - Another confirmation that I'm not alone in really appreciating Jim Carrey's recent performances (Truman Show, Man on the Moon, Majestic)... Saw this the day it came out in theatres, as I would give my left arm to ever do anything for Frank Darabont.
Really enjoyed the movie, but it was the second viewing that made me really LOVE it. The subtle performances were amazing the second time around, whereas upon the first viewing, I wasn't 100% sure whether they were acting 'the parts' or 'themselves'. This was a real testament to the entire ensemble's ability.
Appreciating the film is a bit easier if you do have a sensibility towards Capra-esque films. Select reviews for the film, unfortunately, were unable to get past the idea that a film made past 1990 wasn't dwelling/dripping in sarcasm, irony, and a side wink to the audience, but revelling in honesty, purity, and hope.
Simply my little review....

Aurel Savin

Supporting Actor
Nov 15, 1998
Rented this yesterday and loved it. Carey puts in a great performance. Definetelly his best "drama" role in my opinion. Very subtle and it made me forget I was watching him ...

Frank Darabont gives us another great picture ... he did make one of my favorite movies "The Shawshank Redemption"

It is a movie you have to be in the mood to watch though .. it is not casual viewing.

Great stuff!


Second Unit
Feb 12, 2002
Real Name
Jeanette Howard
I was curious about this one and never saw it. I will be renting this one to check it out.
Ditto. After a few "mistakes" made when I purchased a DVD that I hadn't seen before, I've slowed down and vowed to rent them first. I must admit I almost bought this one several times last week...but fought the urge and rented it instead. Within 10 minutes, I knew that I'd have to add this DVD to my library. In addition to the magnificent performances by Carey and Landau, the film itself was visually stunning (as noted in the lighthouse scene in Ron's review). WOW! I'd heard nice things about the movie, yet no one had mentioned how beautiful it was.
As usual, I should have come here to get an accurate and detailed review from the HTF first. After viewing the film, I agree with Ron that this DVD deserved a little more in the way of supplemental material...as well as a decent case (I hate snappers).
Overall: :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup:


Stunt Coordinator
Apr 27, 2000
Sherman Texas
Real Name
This has probably been mentioned in the movies thread when this film was originally released, but having just seen it, did anyone notice the "tool" the bad guy uses to clobber one of our heroes with in the "movie- within -the movie"? Nice homage to RAIDERS....

Ronald Epstein

Senior HTF Member
Jul 3, 1997
Real Name
Ronald Epstein
As usual, I should have come here to get an accurate and detailed review from the HTF first.
You know, this is one of the nicest things I have read.
Though I may not be as stylish as other reviewers, you can always count on honest accurate reviews from me.


Supporting Actor
Jul 23, 2001
Ron, another nice review. I rented this DVD last weekend and like others, knew pretty quickly I'd be picking it up. It's now on my "to buy" list. I thought both the story and performances were great.


Supporting Actor
Oct 9, 2000
Ron, thanks for the great review, totally agree with your assessment of the DVD transfer. And thanks for posting the screen capture of Peter in front of the "Coco Bongo" with the monkey in his arms... a great "in-joke" from The Mask. :)

Tomoko Noguchi

Second Unit
Nov 23, 2000
I saw this on the plane back from the US recently. It was cut down to about 2 hours. Now you have my curiosity up. Just what did I miss with those extra 30 minutes?

Mark Philp

Second Unit
Oct 11, 2001
Syracuse, New York
Real Name
I have to admit, I was never a Jim Carrey fan.I just don't like that kind of comedy. I rented this because I had seen the trailer and I'm a sucker for films about movie theatres. After seeing it, I ran out an bought it. Yes, some people will think it's "corny" and "old fashioned" and it very much reminds me of some of Frank Capra's films, but so what. There has to be a place in Hollywood for films like this. Besides a great performance from Carrey I was so impressed with the supporting cast. Everyone was perfect in their parts. I guess it didn't do well because it made you think and lots of today's audiences just don't want to. (No offense to anyone here. Everyone thinks on this forum)I hope with the video release and when it goes on the pay channels it will be discovered as the terrific film it is.

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