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DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Sin City Unrated Special Edition - Sinfully Recommended (1 Viewer)


Second Unit
Aug 1, 2002
I bought this set yesterday. Although there is some controversy over the extra footage in the extended version, I think it's awesome. I've only begun to scratch the surface of the extras and I'm already very impressed. I loved the all green-screen version of the movie. I'm looking forward to hearing the commentaries very much. I like the option of having the stories available seperately, but for repeat viewings I'm more likely to watch the theatrical version. Sin City is my 2nd favorite movie of the year (after King Kong) and ranks among my all-time favorites. For people like me who love this film, this DVD set is a must-buy. Even if the extra footage is less than expected, don't let that stop you from picking this DVD up.

I think, however, that they should have released a version without the graphic novel. Many of the fans of the movie are probably already fans of the comics and hence already own them. The graphic novel I'm sure is the main reason why this set sells for no less than $30 at most retailers. That seems kind of unfair to long-time Frank Miller fans. I myself did not own any of the comics so I had no problem with it. Even with the steep price, this is a fabulous set for one of the best movies of 2005.


Dec 19, 2005
fantastic review. i'm glad i held off buying the barebones edition (despite an ever gnawing desire to buy it everytime i passed Blockbuster). this DVD sounds like everything a Sin City-geek like myself could want.

it seems as though i'll have to buy up the Region 1 disc though as i can't find any trace of this release on Region 2 lists (and no doubt if it did come out in the UK there'd be the customary extras and features deleted cos of some copyright/licensing issue)

Demis G

Second Unit
Dec 21, 2005
Real Name
Demetris G
Great review!
I have a question though.. why do online retailers say that there are ONLY SPANISH subtitles available? e.g. DVDEmpire
is that true?

If I buy it from Amazon.com will it have only spanish subs? Where did you buy the set from dude?


Jan 2, 2006
Re: 10-Minute Cooking School With Robert Rodriguez. Given the fact that the movie itself is not made for the squeamish or prudish, the comment I'm about to make will probably be considered by most to be irrelevant, and maybe even laughable. But, here goes anyway:

The conclusion of the 10-Minute Cooking School with Robert Rodriguez is a statement by Rodriguez as follows: "Not knowing how to cook is like not knowing how to f**k".

I had absolutely no problem with any of the violence or other images in the film, nor do I ever have a problem with language, nudity, sexual references or anything else in any film as long as it has a legitimate purpose. I loved Sin City and enjoyed all of the extras, including the 10-minute cooking school. HOWEVER, Rodriguez' concluding statement added nothing to the segment, except leaving me with a kind of creepy feeling. It was totally unnecessary, and if it was meant for laughs I doubt very much that many viewers thought it the least bit funny. I understand that Rodriguez has done these cooking segments on other DVDs prior to Sin City, and for all I know it's some kind of signature statement for him. Regardless, as far as I'm concerned, the only thing it demonstrates is a total lack of class on his part.


Feb 11, 2006
I still haven't seen the movie, i never paid too much attention to it. But i think i should give this one a try.

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