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Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by DaViD Boulet, May 8, 2006.

  1. DaViD Boulet

    DaViD Boulet Lead Actor

    Feb 24, 1999
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    Season Three

    Studio:Buena Vista Year:2005-2006 RunTime:22 episodes (a few with added footage) totaling about 476 minutes Aspect Ratio:4x3 encoded 1.33:1 (TV OAR) Audio:5.1 DD English SpecialFeatures:Lots… ReleaseDate:May 9, 2006


    In my humble opinion, SCRUBS is one of the funniest, most intelligent comedy sit-coms on the network today. I’m assuming anyone reading this review of season three is already a fan and needs no introduction. But if you’re a SCRUBS first-timer, be sure to start your viewing marathon with the first season and watch all the episodes in order. It makes a difference…the show is written with a nice unfolding of characters and relationships and is best enjoyed as a progressive-journey.

    Season Three comes to you packaged as before…a cardboard fold-out holder with three discs…the first two of which overlap making removing disc 1 necessary in order to remove disc two (this bothers me). Still, nice to have consistency in the series though I hope that BV loses its fascination with this style of packaging for future TV series.


    It’s reasonably good video…but nowhere near “reference” for the dvd format. There is no fine-object detail though this may only be a bother for wide-angle viewers like myself who view from less than 1.75 screen-widths distance. Traditional “TV viewing distances” of greater than 2 screen-widths will probably see a sharper looking picture.

    Colors aren’t quite as vibrant as what I would have expected, but the image is still watchable and looks as-good-if-not-a-hair-better than season two.

    Normally the video quality of a show like this wouldn't bother me because it's "just TV video"...but someone told me that this show is shot on film (16mm?) and if that's true...or even if native 480I is the source material...the show could have looked a lot better. I mean...we're already in the world of HDTV...can't the makers of this program produce something that looks at least as good as the 1970's Muppet Show?

    Picture Quality: 3 / 5

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Rating Rationale...

    Rating Key:

    SCORE Description 1-2 An absolute abomination. Hurts to watch even on a 32” 4x3 480I TV. Think Outland or Jean De Flourette (scan-line aliasing, chroma noise, dotcrawl, PAL-NTSC conversion artifacts etc.)-- truly horrid. 2-3 Has some serious problems, but one can at least watch it without getting a headache despite all the problems though you might try to talk your guests into picking a different movie to watch if you have a large projection screen. Think Kill Bill Vol 1. 3-4 Good or at least "acceptable" on a big-screen, but not winning any awards and definitely room for improvement if you view the image wide-angle (though smaller-screen viewers may be quite content). Think the first extended cut of Fellowship of the Ring...decent picture but still some HF filtering and some edge-halos. 4-5 A reference picture that really makes the most of the DVD medium and shows extraordinary transparency to the film-source elements limited only by DVD’s 720 x 480 resolution. Non-videophile observers can't help but remark "WOW" and ask you if they are watching HD. Think The Empire Strikes Back, the Fifth Element Superbit or the new Toy Story 10th Anniversary Edition.

    Viewing Equipment:
    Currently running DVDs on my OPPO DVD player (Faroudja deinterlacing) which scales to 720P, feeding my BenQ 8700+ PJ via DVI, projecting onto a 106” 16x9 Dalite HiPower screen, viewed from approximately 1.6 screen-widths distance. Well mastered DVDs produce a stunningly film-like image in this scenario, and lesser-mastered material quickly shows its flaws.


    The sound is quite acceptable. It’s presented in 5.1 and has a full-bodied presence that sounds more satisfying that the typical “TV show” sound. Musical overlays are rich with nice stereo spread. Dialogue is clear but never irritatingly bright. Not much in the way of surround-activity but it’s not something I would have expected either.

    Sound Quality: 4 / 5

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Listening Equipment:
    B&K AVR 212 processor/receiver driving my Onix-Rocket Loudspeaker system.

    Special Features...

    Wow. A nice plethora of special features. All of which are on Disc three (the last disc). All in all the features are interesting and most fans should be pleased. There are lots of “mini docs” which average about 5-6 minutes each. This is actually a nice way to break up the material…think of it like a longer documentary that’s been separated out by category.

    A word to the wise…WATCH THE COMPLETE SEASON THREE BEFORE WATCHING THE SPECIAL FEATURES. I’ve already hit a number of spoilers that I wish I had avoided until after finishing all the episodes. Don’t make the same mistake!

    Disc 3:

    • Twist and Shout: Quick featurette about Richard Wells who began direction of the show for the third season, John Inwood who became the director of photography, and Bill Lawrence who is creator/executive producer for the show. Enjoyable. For anyone interested in the making-of/behind the scenes dynamic of the show, you may appreciate getting to meet these guys and hear what they are about and how they approach what they do. About 7 minutes in length.

      [​IMG] Don’t Try this at Home: Short about the stunts (and about how so many of them are performed by the original actors). Hosted by Bill Lawrence and the stunt coordinators. This was fun and all fans will enjoy. It is astounding just how much thought, time, and resources go into so many of these stunts. Impressive. About 7 minutes.

      [​IMG] Long-Term Residents: Fun feature about the guest-stars who visit the show. Like the guy from Chips…brilliant. Highly recommended. About 7 minutes.

      What Up Dawg? Cute short about the dogs used in the show. About 6 minutes.

      [​IMG] Scrubs Factor: Learn about the gross ploys used to keep the actors and crew entertained (ie, pig-knuckle eating competition). Keep the barf-bag handy. Some of this is really, really grueling. But I couldn’t turn it off. Ugh. About 5 minutes.

      Robert Keeps Talking: This is “The Todd” feature. Loads of fun. He’s really a well-spoken, intelligent guy. I nice feature and if you like his character but haven’t actually heard him speak as himself you might be surprised. About 5 minutes.

      The New Elliot: In Season three, Elliot finds her confidence, and has her own mini “You’re the One that I want” Good-to-bad-girl Sandy from Grease transformation. This feature details the whole idea and process behind the transformation process. Those of you who are in love with Elliot need to watch this. About 6 minutes.

      Is There a Doctor in the House?: About the ongoing love triangle between JD, Elliot, and whatever other girl/guy happens to be drifting in/out of the picture. This short is really about the romance between these two characters and how it factors into the ongoing plot development of the series. About 4 minutes.

      Scrubbed Out (Deleted Scenes): Seven deleted scenes with a play-all option. Do take the time to watch the series before seeing these.

      [​IMG] Alternate Lines, a Second Opinion: I remember this from a past season DVD set as well. This is really neat. See alternate dialogue for key scenes here…it reveals just how well the writers and actors handle their craft. I can’t imagine having to pull off successive takes on the same scene and come across convincingly as though each take is “the one”. I love features like this that provide a small window in the writing/acting world.

      Gag Reel: Actually, better than the usual gag-reel. This one has actually acting-takes that went bad…as opposed to staged gags which are usually as funny as those baby-moments on America’s Funniest Home Videos.

      Oddly, they are 4x3 lbxed at about 1.77:1 aspect ratio. Is this show filmed for 16x9 but broadcast in 4x3??? Or maybe the image is just matted to give this feature a bit of flare…

      Audio Commentaries:

      Two of them: Actor Donald Faison and Writer Mark Stegemann provide commentary for the episode “His Story II” and Show Creator Randall Winston and Actors Donald Faison and Judy Reyes give commentary for “My Self-Examination”.

      The commentary is pretty laid-back and discussion-oriented. No great revelations but a fun listen and appropriate for the show.

    All Together...

    Another great season of Scrubs comes to you on DVD. Get ready to laugh out-loud. And be warned that you’ll want to stay up late and finish a whole disc at a time…you won’t have the self-control to stop after one or two episodes. The picture and sound look as good as the source material will allow, and the bonus material is worth investigating. An easy recommendation.

  2. RafaelB

    RafaelB Second Unit

    May 10, 2001
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    Another great review, DaViD, as per usual... I also think that SCRUBS is one of the funniest sitcoms of the past 10 years to grace television. The writing on the series has been consistently funny and heart-tugging and they really do a good job of maintaining that balance without becoming "precious" or cloying.

    I can't wait to watch this again.

  3. John Carr

    John Carr Stunt Coordinator

    May 25, 2004
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    Great review, David! Way to go.

    I've already watched the first disc -- I have to say, for my money, Scrubs is the funnest (laugh-out loud) TV show on the air today! My problem is the shows speed by so fast I burn through a complete season in 3 days!

    I cannot understand why this show isn't in the Top 10?

  4. RoryR

    RoryR Stunt Coordinator

    Jan 13, 2006
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    Commentaries are not as good though, that is a real shame.
  5. Dax P

    Dax P Stunt Coordinator

    Apr 30, 2003
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    In addition to the Faison/Reyes commentary on 3.21, there's a McGinley/Flynn commentary on 3.5 (that's not on the dvd, apparently) available for download here: http://www.nbc.com/Scrubs/commentary.shtml#main

    And two for season 4 (episodes 8 and 17), as well. Dunno if those will make it to the discs or not.

    My fiance and I enjoyed Season 1 a lot and are anxious to have the time to watch 2 and 3...

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