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HTF REVIEW: "Not Another Teen Movie" Special Edition (with screenshots) (1 Viewer)

Ronald Epstein

Senior HTF Member
Jul 3, 1997
Real Name
Ronald Epstein

Not Another Teen Movie

Year: 2001
Rated: R
Film Length: 90 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1

The Teen Mother Of All Movies!
During the 80's, teen movies ruled. The king
of Teen films was Director John Hughes, whose
majority of films were the type of comedies that
the target audience devoured, turning many of his
films into cult favorites.

Not Another Teen Movie is not a John
Hughes movie, but rather a sort of tribute to
Hughes's domination of the cinematic landscape
of the '80s. In fact, the writers and Director
of this spoof movie loved John Hughes enough to
name the film's High School after him.

Not Another Teen Movie is loosely based
on the Freddie Prinze Jr. film "She's All That,"
a story about the most popular guy in school wooing
the class bohemian as part of a bet. In this case,
it's cool guy Jake Wyler (Chris Evans) trying to
make a prom queen out of the spectacle-wearing
rebel Janey Briggs (Chyler Leigh). Meanwhile,
Janey's little brother, Mitch (Cody McMains) and
his posse of freshman losers vow to lose their
This is perhaps the most crude film I have ever
watched. It is filled with potty humor and
repulsive sex talk. It literally pushes the
envelope on its "R" rating.

Normally I would be turned off by a film like
this, just because I feel toilet humor has worn
out its welcome in film. However, I actually was
surprised at how clever and funny "Teen Movie" was.
The film not only takes us back to the 80's and
satirizes films like "Porky's", "Risky Business",
"Better Off Dead" and "The Breakfast Club", but it
also makes us laugh as it satirizes recent hits,
"American Beauty" and "American Pie".

One of my favorite scenes literally takes us
back to "The Breakfast Club". In the same library
setting where the original Brat Pack were serving
detention, Cody McMains (who looks eerily like
Judd Nelson)is repeating the film's famous talk back
to Paul Gleason, who played the principle in the
original film.

Making this film even more entertaining is
a hilarious performance by Randy Quaid, and some
very surprising cameos throughout the film.
How is the transfer?
As usual, I try to find more unique words to
describe the perfection that comes out of studios
like Columbia. In fact, what surprises me the most
about this transfer is the color. It has been a
long time since I have seen a transfer with colors
so vivid that they nearly leap out at you. The
varsity jackets just scream of orange, as the
cheerleader uniforms seemingly become florescent.
Put all this color against a picture that is
virtually free of video noise, and you have a
spectacular looking transfer.
The 5.1 Dolby Digital mix is quite active. While
sound is very robust across the front sound field,
the rears supplement the film's score as well as
adding ambient effects like crowd noise at a football
game, guests at a keg party, or gunshots during
a wartime parody beneath a coffee table. The LFE
channel is very strong, as my subwoofer pounded along
with the beats of the film's 80's soundtrack.
Special Features

Columbia has really packed this disc with
a load of extras including a very clever animated
menu sequence that puts the film's selections
within the viewfinder of the camcorder belonging
to "The Beautiful Wierdo".
There is a full-length commentary by Director
Joel Gallen and writer Mike Bender.
In addition, there is a full-length commentary
by major cast members that include Chyler Leigh,
Jaime Presley and Chris Evans. The cast has a lot
of fun with this commentary, often sounding like
a teenager's intimate private party, as they recall
how each scene was filmed, and astonishing little
tidbits that include how many dildos were on the
set and the cast's initial reaction to seeing
Cerina Vincent's breasts which are gratuitously
evident throughout the film.
If that wasn't enough, you can opt to turn on
the Teen Movie Factoids Track which puts
pop up text during the movie giving you inside
facts on the actors, as well as information to
where each of the film's little spoofs were
inspired from. I would recommend turning on
this feature while watching the film as it
really adds to the entertainment of the film
without becoming obtrusive.

School's In Session goes behind-the-scenes
in three separate featurettes. In Best Dressed,
Director Joel Gallen takes a look at the film's
different locales that made up the spoofs of
"The Breakfast Club" and "Ferris Beuller". Costume
Designer Florence Megginson talks of the challenges
of using proper costumes and color to properly
represent the material that is being spoofed.
In Class Clown, we are introduced to Special
Effects artist John Hartigan who takes us through
the film's funniest effects scenes including the
dildo in a birthday cake and the kids traveling
through the air-ducts to get to the girl's locker
room. From behind-the-camera, you can see how much
fun the cast had with all the craziness on the set.
Choreographer Anne Fletcher talks about her role
in not only choreographing the cheerleading
sequences, but the film's goofy musical number
as well. Finally, My Freshman Year is a
sort of tribute to Director and former MTV VP
Joel Gallen, who surprisingly originally turned
down the script. Joel takes us through each
of the film's characters and how an actor was
chosen for the role. And how does it feel to
give another woman a sloppy french kiss? Actress
Mia Kirshner is happy to say she enjoyed it
(although the audience was appalled).
There are 18 short Deleted Scenes
that are quite funny. They include:
* Janey's family sitting at the family table
enjoying a poor-man's meal and a very funny
black-and-white flashback of their youth.
* Old-Lady Sadie writing a sexy letter to
the class teacher. In another deleted sequence
that follows, the two meet at half time.
* A pillow fight and a peeping Tom on a ladder.
* The film's original ending that spoofs
the film, "Jerry Maguire".
* A wonderful tribute to the film "Sixteen
Candles", almost perfectly recreating the film's
final scene before it abruptly falls apart
beneath them.

Want to know how the Marilyn Manson music
video was created? Marilyn and Director
Philip Atwell take us on the video's set,
showing how a suburban party gets shaken up.
Following this is the full unrated
version of Marilyn Manson's "Tainted Love"
Music Video.
This was a very interesting piece.... The
Yearbook profiles each of the major cast
members by not only showing us publicity and
personal photos of each cast member, but in
some cases, their original school yearbook
photos. This is a cleverly produced montage
set against an upbeat soundtrack.
To show how much effort was put into promoting
this film, Meet The Cast gives us seven
promotional spots, giving a humorous profile
of each character.

Teen Movie Cast Auditions is a funny
montage of the original cast auditions. It's
funny to watch these actors in their natural
state playing off each other, often flubbing
their lines.
As an extra bonus, we are treated to Joel
Gallon's first short film, "Card Ride",
a four-minute piece that pairs a beautiful
blonde hitchhiker with a strange man that
picks her up. It's fairly interesting to
watch with its clever dialogue, though it's
not as funny as it was intended to be.
Joel Gallon and the cast is going to Test
Your Teen Movie I.Q. by asking you multiple
choice questions about some of the great teen
movies of the 80's. This is one of the better
interactive quizzes I have seen on DVD. Using
your remote, you select the answer, prompting a
pre-taped response. Don't be surprised if one
of the cast members yells, "You Suck!" when you
select the wrong answer.
In addition to the film's original theatrical
trailer, there are 5 other trailers that
include: The New Guy; The Animal; Saving
Silverman; Big Daddy and Loser.
Final Thoughts
Though critics generally panned Not Another
Teen Movie for its crude mindless humor, I
found the film to be outrageously funny and
entertaining thanks to its ability to cleverly
spoof some of the greatest moments of teen flicks.
I should warn you in advance that the film
takes great liberty in grossing out its audience.
If the visual toilet humor doesn't do you in, I
guarantee a sloppy french kiss between two women
will have you gagging up your popcorn. Through it
all, the film does manage to pull off quite a few
big laughs.
Columbia must think they have something appealing
here, as they really showcased this film with some
elaborate Special Features. At an on-line cost of
under $20, Not Another Teen Movie suddenly
becomes a worthy purchase consideration. You
should still rent it first to make sure this is
your kind of humor.
Release Date: April 30, 2002

Kyle McKnight

Senior HTF Member
Mar 8, 2001
Glad to see you enjoyed it Ron. I skipped it at theaters due to the fact I was kinda burnt out on these kind of movies. I wrote it off as crap without ever seeing it. I'll check it out now, haven't bought many DVD's lately so my budget is up a bit.

Patrick Sun

Senior HTF Member
Jun 30, 1999
I saw this at the theaters and found it to be crudely funny as well. I'll probably pick this DVD up under the "guilty pleasure" purchase clause. :)


Senior HTF Member
Jul 17, 2000
Upstate NY
Real Name
Thanks for the review, Ron. I am looking forward to picking this one up next week, as I didn't see it theatrically (I hardly ever see movies at the theater), but have wanted to see it. As for renting to see if it's my type of humor - it is! I love low-brow, sophomoric humor. :) (I'm a sophomore - give me a break ;))
And it sounds like a beautiful transfer and great extras to boot. Definite purchase for me, especially since BB and/or CC should have it for ~ $16.99 or $17.99 next week.

David Illingworth II

Second Unit
May 11, 2001
I thought this movie was hilarious when I saw it in theaters, but I inexplicably love spoofs and teen movies (especially Road Trip). It's also "nice" to see a movie that knows it audience well enough to include lots of nudity. Isn't that what most of us are here for anyway?

But, yeah, the french kiss will have you gagging a hell of a lot more than laughing, and I remember the whole audience pretty much having that reaction on opening night. They should have cut that WAY down. It's just not funny.

Jason Whyte

Jun 3, 1999
There's a lot of funny material here, and some of you know how much I loathed "Van Wilder," so that may come as a surprise to some. Although I didn't quite recommend it at first (I gave the film **1/2), it does poke fun at films well, it does T&A action well, and the music montage and Token Black Guy scenes are priceless. And at least the spoofs contain a few ideas of their own, instead of being like "Scary Movie" and doing the scenes verbatim.
But then again, I also liked "Zoolander," so what do I know. :)

Matthew Chmiel

Senior HTF Member
Apr 26, 2000
I thought the movie was okay (with a few funny scenes here and there), but the girl who played the hot naked foreign exchange student went to my high school. :emoji_thumbsup: :D

Scott Weinberg

Senior HTF Member
Oct 3, 2000
I also thought this one was pretty damn funny. It's not one I planned to purchase, but these special features sound like too much fun to pass up!

Thanks for the sneak peek, Ron!


Supporting Actor
Apr 23, 2002
Not as subtle in its humor as "Wet Hot American Summer", but I still enjoyed it.....Especially the "Sixteen Candles" twist at the end. A must-see moment.

David Illingworth II

Second Unit
May 11, 2001
Damn, that girl went to your high school?!

Also, did anybody else notice that the Token Black Guy is Kenny from the Cosby Show? I thought that was awesome.

Bob McElfresh

Senior HTF Member
May 22, 1999
pop up text - Crap. Now I have to buy this disk. The pop-up annotation on the Bring it On disk is one of the best features. Movies like this are always fun to try and recognize what films they are stealing from. With this feature, I can watch it and make my guess, then do it again and see how close I was.
No, I'm not a huge fan of teen movies. I just live with a gaggle/pack/pride/murder of them. :)


Stunt Coordinator
Nov 9, 1999
This movie was insane. A must buy for anyone that has watched any teen movies over the past 15 years. The Toilet scene just about killed me I was laughing so hard.


Michael Lee

Supporting Actor
Jan 7, 1998
This was a pretty funny movie that took me by surprise. It was uneven in some things hit directly, and other things just missed entirely. There are so many hot women in it, and that doesn't suck. The extra features, which I am only half way through, are a lot of fun. I only missed one answer in the trivia test--and it is harder than you think!

David Illingworth II

Second Unit
May 11, 2001
Ricky, the obsessed friend, is mainly from Pretty in Pink, right? What other teen movies have this character?

Also, the soundtrack really rocks! It's great, they've taken 80s songs but used real instruments this time.

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