HTF REVIEW: "4 Dogs Playing Poker"

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    4 Dogs Playing Poker

    Now that all the big titles are out for the
    fourth quarter, the studios are now hoping that
    you will take a look at some of their lesser-known
    releases that will be making their way to store
    shelves over the next few weeks.
    I received a small handful of Warner titles that
    I had never heard of. They all seem to be sleeper
    titles that although did not play wide theatrically,
    they received some sort of critical acclaim. One
    such title, 4 Dogs Playing Poker, seems to
    have been showing at a few film festivals and
    receiving small critical praise.
    I took a chance and spent the evening watching
    this 92 minute film that stars a relatively new
    cast of talents working with veteran actors
    Forest Whitaker, Tim Curry and George Lazenby.
    To tell too much about what happens in this
    film will ultimately spoil the surprise. I can
    tell you that four friends owe a crime lord $1
    million. These four friends devise a scheme where
    they will take out a $1 million life insurance
    policy, draw a playing card, and pending on the
    outcome one of the four becomes the victim and
    another the killer.
    The film was pretty darn good and should keep
    your interests throughout. As a viewer, you are
    kept in the dark untill the very end as to who
    the victim and killer really are, as you go through
    interesting plot twists that are sure to keep
    you entertained. The cast of newcomers that
    include Stacy Edwards, Balthazar Getty and
    Daniel London all give terrific performances.
    Of course, it's great to see Curry, and
    Lazenby round out the cast. Special note goes
    out to Whitaker who plays a tough Crime Lord
    not willing to negotiate.
    It's unfortunate that this entertaining release
    is marred by inferior transfer quality. Picture
    is very grainy throughout, and at times, looks
    like a VHS transfer. Though presented in Dolby
    Digital 5.1, I found the sound to be lackluster
    with minimal action in the surround channels.
    There are no extras on the disc other than the
    theatrical trailer.
    This is the sort of film I would recommend as
    a rental only. It's one of those films you
    should select when you browse the aisles looking
    for something a little different. You can then
    take it home, watch, and decide if the title
    will be worth purchasing.
    Release Date: December 11, 2001
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    Thank you Ron!

    This is a movie I've been wanting to check out for a while. I was reading about some of Lazenby's movies on IMDB, and I ran across this one. However, it didn't have any video information. I'll definitely be picking it up come the eleventh.

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