HTF Meet Recap: Joe Kane and Da-Lite Screens


Kevin Collins

On the evening of 10/25/12 during the HTF meet in LA, Joe Kane came out and did a presentation on the screen materials and what to look for in screen material for both 2D and 3D.

Joe used a Samsung 900 projector going against the Da-Lite JKP Affinity screen material with a 1.1 gain. The screen was 8.5' wide. Da-Lite was one of the HTF official sponsors of the HTF meet.

Joe talked about the evolution of screen material and what is important to keep in mind when using 3D technology. One of Joe's big areas of concern is with a screen that doesn't get in the way of the picture. To this end, a screen that doesn't have hot spotting or color shifting is very important to Joe. These two artifacts are something that is starting to show up in more screen materials due to higher gain screens that are coming to market to make up for the low light output of projectors in 3D mode.

Joe showed us various screen materials compared to the Affinity line of screens where attendees could see how hot spotting and color shift occurred on off-axis viewing angles.

For those that attended, what were some of the things that stood out for you during Joe's talk?

I like the screen so much, I bought one to replace my Studio Tek 130 screen material.

Sam Posten

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Oct 30, 1997
Aberdeen, MD & Navesink, NJ
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Sam Posten
I really enjoyed Joe's talk. As someone who is multiple kinds of color blind I know I am never going to get a perfect calibration nor enjoy all the benefits of doing so, yet I still do my best to get a reasonably accurate picture at a modest price point. Joe's talk was illuminating and informative!

Rob Willey

Apr 10, 2000
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I learned so much about screen technology that this turned out to be an unxepected highlight of the week. My next video upgrade will be from plasma to projector and I would love to have a Da-Lite on my wall! Thanks Joe!

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