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HTF Kids Review: Barbie in The Pink Shoes (Blu-ray+DVD+Digital Copy) (1 Viewer)


Oct 31, 2010
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Note: Rather than the typical format and focus on audio and video quality, HTF Kids' Reviews will focus on a title with perspective from both kids and parents.



Street Date: February 26th, 2013

Feature Run Time: Approximately 150 minutes

Ratings: Not Rated

Aspect Ratio: 1.78.1

Audio: DTS-HDMA 5.1

Languages/Subtitles: English, Spanish and French

Barbie in the Pink Shoes

A magical adventure filled with inspiration and fun in this new multi-format set from Universal.  Barbie stars as Krystyn, a ballerina with aspirations and talent who faces the choice of following the strict instruction of the ballet school headmistress or defining her own dance and risking failure.  Krystyn rips her ballet shoe during a rehearsal and is presented with a pair of pink replacement shoes by the costumer.  As Krystyn puts the shoes on, she and her friend Hailey are transported into a magical world where they become parts of ballet stories---and Krystyn is the lead ballerina in each one!  First as Giselle and then as The Swan Queen, Krystyn faces opposition in the form of the evil Snow Queen (who resembles the ballet school headmistress on ice)but ultimately realizes that that pink shoes are to blame and takes them off, transporting Hailey and herself back to present day in time for Krystyn to complete her dance in her own style and win the approval of the audience and headmistress.  It’s a fast-moving story with beautiful music, costumes and moral (follow your dreams and be yourself).

Mom's Perspective: I like the introduction to the ballet and the theme of friendship and facing challenges throughout.  The music was beautiful and my kids could not help but get up and dance with the characters on the screen.  I always like to think up some conversation-starters following a movie, here’s where I went with this film: · Why didn’t Krystyn want to listen to the headmistress of the ballet school?  Was that the right thing for her to do? (creativity vs. discipline comparison) · Which of the two ballet stories did you like best and why? (Giselle vs. Swan Lake) · Who was the bad wizard in real life and what was he trying to do? CONFESSION: Barbie is not my favorite because not every little girl looks like Barbie, even when she changes hair color like she does in this movie.  Krystyn’s best friend in the movie, Hailey, has short dark hair and glasses and is apparently a stagehand/assistant to the dancers.  She is very smart but not as pretty, reminding me of the character Velma played in the Scooby Doo cartoon & movies. But I do like seeing my son and daughter enjoying the music and the introduction to ballet movement.  It provides a good lead-in to talking about the discipline it takes to become a ballet dancer (or any athlete), and discussing the comparisons between ballet and other creative dance forms.  I liked this movie for the same reasons I liked watching Disney’s Little Einsteins with my kids  -- it gave them an introduction to art and music in an entertaining and consumable way for their age group.

Kid's Perspective (AKA from my seven year old reviewers): · “I like to dance to the music, I might want to be a ballerina.” · “The headmistress is MEAN.” · “There should be more funny parts.” · “Can you play the music video again, I want to show you my dance.”

What's In the Case:

Disc 1 includes the feature film on Blu-Ray plus all bonus features in Hi-Def.  Bonus features include Outtakes, a Music Video and a couple of features related to a different Barbie show called “Life in the Dreamhouse” that did not look appealing to me as a mom.  Disc 2 has the DVD Feature Film + same bonus features.  Inside is a code to download a digital copy.


As good as any Barbie movie, the Blu-ray quality makes it slightly better.  Kids who love music, dance and Barbie will enjoy it. 


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