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Sam Posten

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Oct 30, 1997
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Sam Posten
Hope that thread title got your attention =) Due to my being sick I've got a stack of standard def DVDs that piled up and rather than having a contest for each one I thought we would try something a bit more creative and fun.

So, may I introduce you to... The Home Theater Forum DVD Deal or no Deal contest!

Here's how it will work:
-EVERYONE registered to HTF before today, even if you've won in the last 90 days, is eligible except for HTF staffers and mods.
Reply to this thread simply with the Phrase DEAL ME IN.
-Post BEFORE 12:01 PM EST August 22nd, capiche?
-Open to residents of US/Canada only.
-Winners must have been registered HTF members before 11:59 PM EST August 19th, 2008.
-All decisions by me and the HTF owners are final in case of a dispute or tie =)
-Editing posts or threads will result in disqualification.
-Void where prohibited etc. This is done for entertainment value only and no prize substitutions are possible.

Simple and logical enough? PLEASE remember to only post once in this thread.

OK, once that is done, later on Friday I will select from the pool of all entrants EXACTLY the number of players as DVDs as I have to give out. So if I have 7 DVDs we will have 7 player picked from out X number that have entered.

I will post the list of players and the order in which they will play in a NEW thread. They will then, in order of play, get to pick prizes numbered 1 through the total number of prizes that are available. The prizes themselves will remain hidden behind case numbers and will only be revealed one by one as the players pick those cases.

Once the first player chooses his case number, I will then reveal the actual prize they have won. They can either choose DEAL to keep that prize or select NO DEAL to get one more chance at a different prize. If they choose DEAL they will PM me their address and I will send em that prize. If they choose NO DEAL they will then select a different case number, I will reveal what that new prize selection is, and like it or not that's the prize they will get sent out to them once I have their address PMed to me.

We will then proceed through all our players. If the person before the current player has chosen DEAL, then the current player gets to choose a case number and can choose deal or no deal on that new prize. If the person before has chosen NO DEAL, then the prize the previous player passed on is automatically the prize the new player can choose to take, or also pass on. If they pass, they only get one chance to NO DEAL and the next prize they select then they get 'stuck with' =)

We will do this until everyone who made the list gets their chance to play, in order. So everyone gets at least one chance to deal or no deal except the last guy playing. I'll figure out a little swag to ease the pain on that player =)

Note that all of the prizes are roughly the same value, there are no box sets or anything like that tho a few of them may have more than one disk in the box, does that make sense? =)

If this turns into a big mess we won't do it again, but this seemed like a fun way to give away a few disks that we have been generously given by a wide variety of vendors. Hopefully it will be interesting and nobody will feel that they got a klunker =) If this sounds like fun all you gotta do is reply once and only once below letting me know to deal you in!

Edit: This is in NO WAY related to the Deal or No Deal TV show, board game, scratch off tickets or anything else officially related to that property =)

Adam Gregorich

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Nov 20, 1999
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Not eligible?!?!
Sounds like fun thanks for running it.

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