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    This is the system he designed for a budget of $7500 (MSRP) to cover speakers, subwoofer, electronics, and cables.

    -Pair of VMPS Ribbon Monitor Two $2166 (tower speakers with f3 of 22hz)

    -3 * VMPS QSO 626 Ribbon $649


    STAND PAIR $92

    -svs 20-39PCi $649 or VMPS New Larger Subwoofer

    (some assembly will be required for the vmps speakers)

    total speaker budget: $4854

    Harman Kardon avr-520 $900

    Parasound HCA-1500A $995

    bfd 130

    About 620 left for cables.

    Konrad was tied with Chrissm (Paradigm/Outlaw/SVS) for 4 votes, but Chrism did not vote, so the tie goes to Konrad. Michael (B+W/HK/SVS), Dave (Klipsch/Outlaw/SVS), and Timothy (B+W/Outlaw/SVS) were tied with 2 votes apiece. Konrad wins new 2 DVD's.

    Thank you all for participating. I will try this again later and will get a sponsor to offer a more substantial prize to induce greater participation. Any suggestions on improving the format are welcome.

    See the next post for interesting information generated by the contest entries.
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    OK, I have a statisticians mentality, so those of you interested in how a healthy cross-section of boarders here would spend on a mid to high priced HT system, read on.

    There were 22 total entries. 50 would be a better number for statistical purposes, but 22 will do.

    Brand Selections


    Klipsch 4

    Paradigm 3

    B&W 2

    Norh 1

    Def Tech 1

    AR 1

    Ascend 1

    JM Chorus 1

    ACI 1

    RBH 1

    M&K 1

    Divas 1

    JBL 1

    Dunlavy 1

    VMPS 1

    These are very spread out. People here seem to have extremely varied preferences when it comes to main speakers. The same cannot be said of the next category.


    SVS 16

    Infinity 1

    Velodyne 1

    AR 1

    Adire 1

    Mirage 1

    Carver 1

    No surprise here. SVS is the darling brand of HTF.

    Electronics (includes amps, pre/pro's and receivers)

    Outlaw 11

    Parasound 6

    Denon 4

    HK 3

    Onkyo 2

    Norh 1

    Anthem 1

    Rotel 1

    Sherbourn 1

    Crown 1

    Yamaha 1

    Receivers v. separates: 6 went receiver only, 16 for some kind of separates system. A few used receivers as pre/pros.

    This category is interesting. In retrospect, I would have made a rule that said nothing not currently available can be used, including the Outlaw 950. That way we would have seen more varied results, instead of half the people going for a component that isn't even out yet. I was actually surprised that 6 took receivers on this high a budget. I suspect that with the Outlaw not being an option, half would have taken receivers. But it appears that the availability of less expensive pre/pros like the Outlaw may be shifting a lot of people over to separates.

    Budget Allocations

    This is how people alloted their budgets. The numbers do not add up to 100% because some people bought stuff that wasn't part of the contest like parametric EQ's and such.


    Lowest: 15%

    Highest: 59%

    Mean: 38%

    This was not a surprise to me.


    Lowest: 0%

    Highest: 31%

    Mean: 18%

    I honestly thought that there were enough bass heads here that we see a few over 50%. But people were more sensible.


    Lowest: 13%

    Highest: 60%

    Mean: 31%

    This is in keeping with expectations. People spend very close to the same amount on electronics as they do on their main speakers.


    Low: 1%

    High: 13%

    Mean: 6%

    This is not what I would call a cable oriented group here. There are a few expections, but most of us seem to advocate reasonably priced cable. Many people went for zip cord in fact.
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    I didn't win? *sniff* *sniff* I never win.... *sniff*
    Congrats to Konrad
    I am certain those VMPS's would rock [​IMG]

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