HTF California Meet 2001 SVS Door Prize REVIEW

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  1. Ned Vogler

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    This review is LONG overdue and I must apologize to Ron and Tom at SVS as well as the
    moderators and members of HTF for not getting this out sooner. Some of you may know
    that while I am a home theater junkie like the rest of you, my schedule doesn't always
    permit me to post and be as involved in the forum as much as I would like. My membership
    status should probably be listed as "part-time lurker, hardly-ever poster". Excuses aside,
    here is my long overdue review of the SVS subwoofer that my wife Sue won at the 2001 HTF
    California National Meet
    I think I was excited as anyone else was in LA looking forward to the last night in LA with
    the HTF "banquet", a guest appearance by Joe Kane, and an opportunity to win several
    excellent door prizes, one of which was an SVS 20-39PC subwoofer. There were some other
    excellent "big-ticket" door prizes, including an Outlaw receiver and ICBM. I had the
    opportunity to help Gregg Loewen help set up the rooms for the banquet, one of which was
    the "demo" room. It ended up being a demo room to end all demo rooms, complete with
    the aforementioned Outlaw receiver and ICBM unit, a Panasonic RP91 progressive scan DVD
    Audio/Video player, QSC amplifiers and custom speakers (QSC also provided a LCD projector)
    and the SVS sub. All before dinner and after, you could hear the SVS shaking the entire
    To make a long story a bit shorter, after most of the other prizes had been given away or
    auctioned off, the final prize was the SVS subwoofer. A hush came over the crowd as
    Steve Simon pulled out the winning ticket. I remember being in a state of shock as he
    proceeded to call out my wife's name!! Everyone laughed when she said "Oh, just what I've
    always wanted!" but while she may have been semi-kidding, I know I was just as excited
    as anyone else in that room would have been to win that subwoofer! I was so excited in fact,
    it was kind of hard to get to sleep that night!
    Gregg Loewen informed me that the subwoofer that was at the meet was actually going to be
    the floor model SVS at Dave's Video, and that SVS was going to ship me a sub directly. After
    returning to CT, I exchanged several e-mails with both Tom and Ron at SVS. They said they
    were more than willing to ship me a 20-30PC just like the one we saw in LA, but they also
    offered me another option. Apparently they had built a "one-off" power subwoofer based on
    the 16-46PC, but with a slightly more powerful amplifier and the "tri-power" port design
    which is currently available on some of their newer model subwoofers. This particuar
    subwoofer was also encased in a "silver gray" fabric as opposed to the black fabric on
    the factory models. Needless to say I was intrigued and decided to go with the larger
    "custom hybrid" SVS.
    Now for a little history on my existing equipment. For about a year prior to winning the
    SVS, I had been running a Velodyne CT-150 front-firing subwoofer with a 15" driver. Prior
    to that subwoofer I had a Klipsch KSW-200 with a 12" driver. I bought the big Velodyne
    because my home theater room is in the basement with carpeting over a cement floor and the
    cement floor seemed to dampen some of the bass output from the Klipsch sub. The Velodyne
    sub did make quite a difference with its 15" forward firing driver.
    Now for the review of my SVS! It showed up on my doorstep one Friday afternoon in a
    very large box. The sub was well packed inside and was even larger than I expected!
    This monster stands just a couple of inches shorter than my Mitsubishi 55" TV!! After
    reading the manual and doing some minor adjustments to the sub and my receiver, I got
    everything dialed in. I have to run my Pioneer Elite receivers sub output at -5 dB and
    the SVS sub is only at about 2 on its volume dial (!!!) when calibrated to 82 dB SPL (as
    recommended by the SVS manual). After demoing a few of my favorite "sub" scenes on
    several DVDs, I was immediately impressed with the "quality" of the bass put out (with
    hardly any effort) by this subwoofer! This baby has GOBS of power, TONS of headroom, and
    can put out INCREDIBLE amounts of SUPER-LOW bass! I thought the down-firing driver might
    be a problem with my carpet-over-cement floor, but the design of the SVS makes this a
    After spending several months now with my "Silver Bullet" SVS sub, I can only say that it
    continues to impress me daily. It handles reference-level movie soundtracks with aplomb, and also blends
    exceptionally well with my mains for 2-channel and multi-channel music. The silver color
    makes it stand out a bit against the rest of my black gear, and several visitors to my
    theater room actually thought it was a water heater! [​IMG] They soon find out its a TON
    more useful in a home theater than a water heater would be. [​IMG] My wife tells everyone "That's MY
    subwoofer!", and she seems genuinely proud of it, as I know I am. I wear my SVS T-shirt as
    often as I can, and rave about the SVS to everyone I talk to. I know that some HTF
    members actually run TWO of these subs, but I must say that one seems to be more than
    enough for my 21x21 theater room!
    In conclusion, I would like to thank Tom and Ron of SVS subwoofers for such a generous
    door prize for our national meet, and also thank Ron Epstein, Parker Clack, Gregg Loewen
    and all of the other HTF administrators for a fantastic week in LA! If anyone lives in
    the greater NY/CT/MA area and would like a demo of this SVS, please feel free to drop me
    an e-mail! I would not hesitate to recommend any of the SVS subwoofers to ANYONE
    purchasing a subwoofer at any price!
    I've also taken a couple of pictures of my theater and equipment if anyone would like to
    see this subwoofer.
    My main theater page:
    You can see the "Silver Bullet" SVS in the first couple of pictures on the page and a close-up shot is the middle picture in the third set of pictures on my theater page.
    Ned Vogler
  2. Tom Vodhanel

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    Hi Ned,
    better late than never [​IMG]
    The Silver 46PC sure makes a striking pose in the room!
    Thanks for taking the time for the review...good to hear it's a step up over the ct150 in your opinion. BTW---the second phote link won't upload for me.
  3. Parker Clack

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    You can't link to a photo on Geocities as they block it from being accessed to another site.

  4. Rick Radford

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    Folks, I can see the photo just fine. I just have to hit the "go" button to the side of the address window to see it. After I click on the link, the first thing that pops up is some GeoCities page... I hit the go button, and the pic pops up.

    This is the same thing I find with my info when I try to link it here from GeoCities.

    BUT: IE will not work when using the "GO" button. However, Opera 6.01 and NN 4.79 will work. Go figure.
  5. Brian Harnish

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    Man, I can't wait to get my SVS 25-31 PCi with my audio system. These reviews are killin' me!! My tax refund can't come soon enough. [​IMG]
  6. Ned Vogler

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    Parker -

    Thanks for the tip... I've edited my post and removed the link to the single picture. You can still get to it from my main HT page.

    Tom -

    Did you get my e-mail dated 2/13/02?? If not, shall I send it again?? I had a couple of questions for you.
  7. Jeff Aguilar

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    I really like the grey material used for your sub! Looks like a great place to watch a movie.


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