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HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: The Dark Knight (Recommended) (1 Viewer)

Nelson Au

Senior HTF Member
Mar 16, 1999
This is a very impressive disc, from a technical standpoint, the film is very good too.
I just finally opened my blu ray of this film. I bought a new 65" plasma display recently and had been waiting for the plasma to fully break-in before opening this blu ray. I know the courtroom scene was a source of problems for one of the LCD displays I was considering. But the scene wasn't an issue for plasmas. Plus black levels is another challenging aspect of this disc to test a new TV.
When I was reviewing new TVs, this movie was one of several that had scenes looping to demo the TV sets. The opening bank robbery impressed me because it looked so unrealistically real! it just seemed hyper real. It didn't help that the TVs were all set to torch mode.
My new plasma is not professionally calibrated yet. It was set-up using settings posted on another site that a professional calibrator posted as a resource for owners. So my set is pretty close to calibrated, but undoubted could be improved.
When I played the blu ray, I really appreciated the IMAX sequences. I totally forgot this disc has both IMAX and the normal aspect ratio built in. The bank robbery scene was as real looking as I remember it from my TV demos at the stores. No doubt the larger size of the screen really immerses you!

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