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Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by Cameron Yee, Feb 23, 2009.

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    I'm late to this forum thread and starting to get a little worried as a few weeks back (as part of a big DVD clear-out) I traded in my DVD copy of Ronin and picked it up on Blu-Ray

    I'll admit I got it from an exchange shop (still in the plastic wrapper) so only paid GBP£12, and have not watched it yet, as its a film I love and am very familiar with, so wanted to wait a while before enjoying it again

    I might have to go and watch it now, to see what the verdict is on the PQ (I have the UK version if that is any different to the version reviewed on this forum?)
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    The Frankenheimer Commentaries are an important part of his legacy. Like taking a workshop with him. His commentary on Ronin is valuable. Not including the commentary on the Blu-ray demonstrates disrespect and a total lack of care on the part of MGM / Fox. There's no excuse for it.
    I watched Ronin repeatedly in the cinema and appreciated, among all the other things, Frankenheimer's desaturated color and controlled pallet. But this blu-ray is too desaturated and not quite as deep, sharp and resolved as it should be.
    I don't agree with Cameron Yee's editorializing on glorified violence.
    Ronin does not glorify violence.
    Just because a film has violence doesn't mean it glorifies violence.
    It is considerably less violent than bigger hit family films playing right now.
    Ronin is like heaven on a stick for Frankenheimer aficionados.
    MGM / Fox owes consumers a better transfer.
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    Tony D.
    I agree Richard.
    This along with any other Bluray without missing extras sits next to the dvd counterpart. eventually i will buy blu cases that i can put both the dvd and the blu in together.
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    Apparently the film was shot in a style that would give it that classic cold war film look, which it does and is quite pleasing, so some of what's being seen is as the film should appear (somewhat desaturated, etc.). The problem is they stuck the movie on a single-layer disk, which was a stupid thing to do and no doubt led to various artifacts. A fine film like this needs room to breathe.
    I have the Blu-ray and it's a nice step up from the DVD, but could have been better. The only solution for this is to have a new transfer onto a dual-layer Blu-ray, which retains all the detail of the film and gets rid of the compression artifacts. Which I'll get when they eventually release it. The movie itself is fantastic, made the way movies used to be made with realistic characters, wish more were like this. And it's a must-have for any fan of this type of movie.

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