HTB-544 / 504 now or wait for new models in "April?"

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by aldamon, Mar 28, 2002.

  1. aldamon

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    Mar 26, 2002
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    Hi all,

    I'm an avid computer enthusiast and I am looking to trash my POS AIWA Pro Logic shelf system. Unfortunately, everything needs to be under $500 - $600 if I want to have a chance of upgrading my beloved computer for, say the next two years or so. Wives..Hehe...

    Anyway, I have been eyeballing the Kenwood HTB series ever since last Spring when the HTB-503 was all the rage. Now, should I upgrade to the HTB-544 now, or should I wait to see the new HTB packages? I've done some extensive searching here and on USENET, and the consensus is that the new models will appear sometime in April. Can anyone shed any light on these new Kenwood HTB models or their debut date? Are we going to see something mind blowing, or is it going to be a rebadged 504/544? My greatest fear is that Kenwood will retract some of the value in the new models and I'll be SOL.

    Also, are any other companies going to compete with Kenwood in the 2002 sub-$500 market, or is everyone going to stay away? I've seen the Denon and Sony offerings, but they either include an integrated DVD player, or they are not quite in the sub-$500 range, or they just suck. Seems like everyone is content with conceding this market to Kenwood, at least on the quality side.

    BTW, my current setup includes a 27" Maganavox Smart Series TV, a crappy AIWA Pro Logic 5-speaker shelf system, and a Pioneer DV-333. Obviously, I'm by no means an audio or videophile, but it IS nice to see people who are as emphatic about home theater as I am about computers. You all make my high-end, DIY computer-addiction seem cheap by comparison. LOL.

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    Hi aldamon,

    The 544 is out at this time.It does have a tad more.Check out the VR.507 and the VR.509 receiver at the C city sight.That will be the difference.All els will be the same.Whoops!.That is not your question.I Thought the 544 would be their new model for quit some time.If they put another $100-$200 into their speakers and sub that would be great.I have the 504.Sub has been up graded and the speakers will be next on the agenda.I think they should offer both.A $500 system + or - and a $700 system + or -.Thats with out the DVD.Good luck!

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