HT1000 or LPX 500 which one?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by TimmyV, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. TimmyV

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    Jul 28, 2003
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    The room will be 15 x 11 and can be totaly dark ... I want 16 x 9, I know the HT1000 has a rebate or free lens to make it 16x9 and the LPX 500 is 16 x 9 ... Anyone out there have an opinion on which of these would be better? Thanx Tim
  2. Paul_Scott

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    Jul 19, 2002
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    not familiar with the LPX 500, but i did get to play around with the HT1000 last weekend.
    it is a fine, fine projector.

    i'm not sure about tht lens offer though.
    from what i am hearing, NEC still hasn't made a final decison on who will supply it yet.
    if it was the Panamorph that has been made for it, that would be one thing, but if it is another (as it may be), the optics may be of more questionable quality.

    i just sold my old pj, so i'm torn right now between ordering the HT1000 next week, and waiting till late Oct to either get that (hopefully for less than $3500) or the HT1100- the 16:9 HD2 version that should be announced soon.

    personally i would take the $500 and then consider buying an anamorphic lens used-
    for $3500 the HT1000 is a damned nice pj.
    i doubt you could do better at that price point now.

    it will be intersting to see what the street prices are on the 1100, though.

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