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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Jason Conradt, Dec 27, 2003.

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    I've got a few newbie questions after spending the better part of two weeks on HTF and ingesting as much knowledge from y'all as possible. Purchased a Harman Kardon AVR525 today at Circuit City, it has no box but was only $480 with tax. My current home stereo setup is about years 15 old, the components are all Denon and have served me well, the speakers are Kef C80's. I have no sub at the moment, will add one when funds permit in the next few months.

    The system will primarily be used for watching movies, guestimate 70% movie watching, 30% music. Listening preferences are all over the map, lots of jazz and rock, everything except hip hop. (edited) Forgot to mention - the living room where this will all get installed is 12' x 18' that adjoins the kitchen so it's not a completely enclosed space. The rears and sides will be mounted from the ceiling which precludes using anything large. Total area including the kitchen is 12' x 28'. Now that I've described the receiver and current front speakers, there are a few questions that I would highly appreciate input to point me in the right direction:

    First question - will the C80's be useful in an HT setup, complemented with a good center and surrounds? Or would it be better to match the fronts with the surrounds and center? My fear is the disparity between the two will make it difficult or impossible to calibrate the entire setup.

    Second question - assuming the C80's are worthy of keeping (I love them but am not adverse to selling them), would a setup like the JBL NSP II be a reasonable choice to "mesh" with them? The price point of that particular JBL setup is appealing due to reviews and advice given here, and will easily withstand "budget scrutiny" from the wife

    Third question - any opinions or options of spending a similar amount of money ($200-300) on say an upgraded center and two rears for a 5 speaker setup now instead of 7?

    Last question - assuming the C80's are better off being retired, would a pair of JBL S38's up front + NSP II for the center and surrounds be a decent choice? Again the cost factor is appealling, less than $500 for all the speakers.

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    I just got S38s and an S-Center and I'm thrilled with both: the S38s offer excellent dynamics and the S-Center offers strikingly clear dialogue.

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