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Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by theo-john, Jul 21, 2005.

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    Jul 15, 2005
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    I have learned alot by reading peoples responses to posts so thanks for your time.

    I have this receiver:

    Toshiba SD-6109C

    Toshiba introduces the integrated DVD-Receiver. It's a full-featured DVD player with an integrated multi-channel Dolby Digital and DTS compatible receiver. And with 5 channels of 50-watt power, This Toshiba DVD Player features a 10-bit Digital to Analog Converter (DAC)...

    Hooked up to these

    Sony SS-U4030 I cant find any info on them, they are 100 Watt 8ohm Front speakers
    120 Watt Center
    70 Watt surrounds
    and Sub

    I also have a pair of Polk R15's lying around.

    How can I make my inexpensive system sound better?
    Should I incorporate the Polks?
    Should I use new speaker wire?
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. MichaelPR

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    Nov 16, 2003
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    You really don't need to wrory about speaker wire too much. Just make sure you use something of quality. The stuff at home depot or radio shack will do you good...DO NOT BUY MONSTER anything for your system.
  3. SummyD

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    Mar 18, 2005
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    I am a newbie myself but I would probably look for a center from Polk that's timbre matched with your R15's. It seems CSi20 is. You could keep your surrounds or replace them with the current fronts. I agree with MichaelPR comments on the wire. Also, may not be a bad idea to look for a good used receiver. Good luck!
  4. Bob McElfresh

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    There is a LOT of playing with setup that you can do.

    Read our Primer/FAQ for a lot of good information about speaker placement, speaker calibration and subwoofer placement.

    A Radio Shack SPL meter and a "setup" dvd like Video Essentals or Avia can make a dramatic difference.

    Dont buy into the "wires will make your system XXX times better" hype. While wires DO make a bit of difference, this is usually for higher-end audiophile systems, not highly-compressed DVD soundtracks.

    Use a decent brand of 12 ga wire for all your speakers. (Sound King from is popular and a good price). Leave a foot or two of extra to each speaker so you can play with positions and trim off the exposed copper every 18 months or so.

    Get your speakers placed properly, level-adjust the levels, then play with the subwoofer positions.

    While I am not a fan of combo-units, the Toshiba unit has a good reputation and makes it simpler to install. Just be aware that the more mechanical part (the DVD player) will likely be your failure point. But that could be years down the road.

    Hope this helps.

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