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    I am starting my house in 3 weeks, and I need help deciding on where (specificly which room) to put my HT. I have the option of Room #1 Which is 20' X 17' and has several windows and one door to the outside, that I believe I can block out with heavy curtains. Room # 2 is 17' X 15' and only one window. My local HT planners told me that Room #1 may be too big to fill with sound on a limited budget, but it is the main room upstairs and it was always my intent to have the theater in the main room. However I don't want to be disappointed with the outcome. I will be probably buying a "B" stock Sony G70 for the room and having a 95-105" screen set up in 16:9. I am not sure of the speakers yet, but The Sony ES Reciever will be either the STRV333ES or STRV444ES. As far as components go that is all I know for now. Also if you could suggest speakers that might work or that you have using this type of setup, I would be appreciative. Thanks for your opinions.
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    My HT was born in our living room. The room was 14'x 24'x8', all I had at that time was a Sony DE-735 dd receiver and some smaller speakers. I had no problem filling the room with sound using that set-up. About a year ago I moved the HT into our extra bedroom.
    If you are planning on a FP system with a screen size of 8'+, my vote goes for Room #1. My HT room is 10x12x8, currently all I am using is a Marantz receiver with 75wpc. I have all Polk Audio speakers with a Velodyne CT-120 sub and it is too powerful for my small room. If you started with a more powerful receiver 100+ wpc, you'd be fine.
    Blocking the windows is not a major concern at all. I used some heavy drapes and they work great.
    When you decide on the room, figure the layout ahead of time. That way you can have dedicated electrical lines installed where your equipment will be, you can run all inwall wiring if you want and have the outlet and wiring run to the location of where the projector will be. There are so many little things you can do starting from scratch like you get to do.
    Good Luck!
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